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How to Hold Onto Your Zen in our Crazy World


Does it feel like things are especially crazy at the moment? It seems as though there is only an occasional glimpse of peace and calm out there before another tragedy strikes somewhere in the world. It can be really hard to switch off, hold onto your zen and find your happy place. I find it has become essential to protect yourself and your family, as well as use lots of kindness and compassion in creative ways.

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Can we please talk about post natal depression?

Mum and Byron black and white

New parents are everywhere .. and so is the relentless pressure to get it right, and to make it look like you’re getting it right even if that is far from the reality. 6 years into my parenting experience, I can honestly say that there is a real mix of messaging ‘out there’. Out there beyond your front door, on the other side of your device, and often in your own head. It can be the most isolating time navigating those first few months, unless you reach out .. unless we make it OK to reach out.

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Home is where the light is ..

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I spend quite a lot of time at home, I like it here. Sometimes I wonder if I will look back on my life and wish I had travelled more and spent less time on the daybed, I doubt it. This is the place where the afternoon light falls, where the fairy lights frame our favourite photos, and where I taught my little person to read, write his name, hug, and stay warm on cold nights. It is also the place where we take haven together from the things that have hurt us. It is where we have healed together, in the light.

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