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Elizabeth Gilbert’s Creativity Workshop


Are you a little like me and find yourself craving creativity and then not finding (or making) the time? Elizabeth Gilbert has been such a breath of fresh air when it comes to creativity .. inspiring a different way of looking at being an artist, a creative. You don’t have to be a painter, a writer or any variety of traditional artist to live a creative life. PHEW! No wonder I love this woman so much!

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Inspired By Series

Inspired by .. Catherine Hughes

Riley 1

As a Mamma, I’m not sure there is anything more inspiring than a fellow Mamma who has lost a child and gone on from that darkness to change the world. Even more inspiring is when this is done so humbly, generously and honestly. Catherine Hughes lost her precious little Riley (pictured) to a vaccine preventable disease, whooping cough. Catherine and her husband have made it their mission, and Riley’s legacy, to raise awareness about whooping cough and vaccine preventable disease. I hope that by sharing a little of their story we can all help them with this mission.

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My Thoughts on Homework in Primary School


My Thoughts on Homework in Primary School? LET. IT. GO. That pretty much sums it up! It is not necessary, there is zero evidence to show any positive impact, it can cause a lot of conflict in some homes, and it is often the last thing that a busy working parent, or overtired little person, wants to spend their precious few hours of an evening doing.

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