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21 Life Hacks for More Joy

Joy is possible .. Joy is our natural state. Life and the crazy world we inhabit tends to remove us from this natural state at times. Sometimes you need to gently intervene and take back what is rightfully yours! It’s not always about big change, or big goals or taking the plunge from your comfort zone .. I’m actually a bit over that one. Call them life hacks, or tactics or simply just ways to shake things up a little! I have tried and tested each of these, and hope that they may help to create some more joy in your world.

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Behind the Anxiety Statistics and Facts


OCTOBER 10 is World Mental Health Day. I wrote this post for Bupa, because speaking up about anxiety matters to me.

Anxiety is more than you might think. Behind the facts and stats, are the real lives.

Do you know someone who lives with anxiety? Have you ever taken the time to really try and get inside what this means for them? Have you asked them what it’s like on a day-to-day basis?

Maybe you have wondered all these things yet not felt you were brave enough to ask, or struggled to find the words.

Let me take you inside, and then share some of the ways that you can really be there for someone like me, someone who struggles everyday with anxiety.

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3 Books I Loved Lately

Books are my meditation, my calm and one of my greatest loves! I have always been a bit of a speed reader, not trained for speed, just naturally fast at devouring words. My preference is biography, self help, food for my brain and if I venture into fiction it needs to be intense! I love to cry, laugh (or both) into my pages of fiction. Lately there have been a few favourites in each of these categories. The weather is currently perfect in my part of the world for a lazy afternoon spent with a book and a sea breeze!

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