Kindness, Life Lessons

I am here for you

I believe that this is one of the most powerful sentences. It really needs to be used more, don’t you think? It is not always about lots of words, giving advice or trying to fix someone or a situation. Sometimes it only takes these 5 words for compassion, acceptance and the beautiful offer of unconditional support. There are so many ways you can offer support to someone in a way that is open and honest. Keep this list somewhere handy.

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Life Lessons

Before the Brain Injury


It is hard to believe that the brain injury became my reality 27 years ago! It was a defining, shattering, life altering car accident not long after my 16th Birthday. It may finally be time for me to unravel it all through words, although it has been a part of my every fibre ever since. A car accident that almost kills your Mother and best friend naturally becomes a part of you that you would gladly hand back if given the chance. It also becomes a part that ultimately shapes you for the better.

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Blogging, Life Lessons

The Bupa Blog Awards

What exactly is a Blog Award I hear you ask? I think that winning something like this is very personal, and means something very different to each of the bloggers chosen for an award. I am not a fan of the word ‘winner’ to be honest, obviously it needs to be used in this context! I am also not a fan of the cliche, so it is somewhat difficult to articulate myself on this topic .. I will give it a go though! Everyone is a winner when you blog from the heart! (Sorry, couldn’t help myself!)

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