10 on 10 Photography Project

The 10 on 10 Photography Project is a little community project I have recently joined with some other lovely bloggers, inspired by Rowe Timson. I am sharing 10 photos on the 10th of each month and together we are creating an online circle of photography goodness by linking to each other.

My 10 photos this month are a colourful look into our home again, with a focus on the things that make us such homebodies!

home 1

 We are always trying to grow new things, some flourish, others not so much! These are a recent Ikea purchase, fingers crossed!

home 2

 My bed, my favourite place to read, dream and of course spend time on Instagram!

home 4

 My boy, telling me stories and practicing his cheesy face.


 Pondering the big questions, I think this was something to do with his choice of afternoon snack!


 Autumn is here, the pool is still calling me, with all of its shimmery blues.


 Often we look beyond the beauty in the ordinary, my favourite bag from Bali brightens my life.

dishes 1

 That (one) time the dishes were pretty.

dishes 2

 After a tea party.

books 1

 Yes, I am reading them all, I can never decide so I switch between them all, often!

daybed 1

 Our daybed is where we talk, read, cuddle, watch movies and heal.


I hope you enjoyed another little tour around our home, into some of the detail. If you would like to see some more lovely photography as a part of our 10 on 10 photography project be sure to venture over and have a little look at Erik’s photos here.


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  • Jenny Tiffen

    Lisa the colours in your photos make my heart happy! Your subjects are perfection! I am new to the circle and looking forward to seeing more of your art! Jen xo

    • admin

      Thank you so much Lisa, making hearts happy means the world to me!
      So nice to connect with you xx

  • Mum Of Five Girls

    gorgeous photos Lisa…they are just beautiful!

  • roweena

    Oh YAY! So excited you are doing this project Lisa! Loved seeing a little snippet of your life, especially your lovely bag collection and your tea cups… Pretty!

    • admin

      Thank you Rowe, I really enjoyed it and am so grateful for all of the lovely comments on my photos xx

  • Sasha @ Fromtheleftfield

    So lovely! There’s such a light to your pics. And your son- what a cutie! Love those teacups too! x

    • admin

      Hi Sasha – thank you!
      I love that you appreciate the light, I do tend to feel uplifted through all of the colour and light in my world and my photos, it is nice to hear that you get a sense of that xx


    Wow Lisa, we would fit right in at your place. We seem to love all the same things! Is that a 3Annies Tomboy I spy next to your Bali Bag (which I also love!! I love bags more than shoes – I’m addicted). My OCD won’t let me read that many books at the same time though….I have to finish one before I can start on the next! haha! I have a few of those on my wish list though. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • admin

      Hi Sally 🙂
      Thank you for amazing response to my photos!
      YES well spotted – the green bag is a 3 Annies.
      Lovely to cross paths through our shared love of life and capturing the moments xx

  • Pierced Wonderings

    Such a lovely set of photos! I love those two photos of your boy – such character and personality there! And the daybed! So much fun! We have a daybed out on our porch…my husband made it for my birthday almost two years ago and I finally got the cover made last fall. I’m looking forward to lots and lots of hours out there this year.

    • admin

      Thank you Jen xx
      I certainly share your love of the daybed, having one outside is wonderful too!

  • Fleur - Our Urban Box

    There is so much loveliness to find in your photos Lisa. I would love to see more of your home. Who would have thought dishes in the sink could be so pretty xx

  • potentialpsych

    I love the photo of the bags on the door and the way that beautiful aqua colour follows through from the shot before and into the shot after. Lovely editing 🙂 I have a vintage tea cup collection too. I inherited it from my grandmother and I would love to add to it but don’t have the space right now. x

    • admin

      Thank you Ellen, for the beautiful response to the colour in my world!
      I am so happy that you enjoyed these pics, and most of my tea sets are from my grandmother too, she died not too long ago so I hold onto them dearly and think of her every day when I pour my many teas throughout the day xx

  • Lauren @ Life at Number Five

    Gorgeous photos! I love all the colour in your shots. Those tea cups are absolutely divine, I love pretty teacups.

    • admin

      Thank you so much Lauren xx
      There is always load of colour in our place, and I share your love of pretty tea cups, they were mostly my beautiful grandmothers who we lost last year so they are also very precious!

  • Erik van't Ende

    Great pictures Lisa! Being able to make dishes look pretty must be a gift 😉

  • Lisa

    Super pretty collection of photos! I often have a stack of books on the go too. I am very intrigued by Buddhism for mothers of small children – I think I’ll have to seek that one out!

    • admin

      Thank you Lisa xx
      Sarah Napthali is a wonderful writer, if you appreciate the principles of Buddhism then you will love her books 🙂

  • peregrinationgourmande

    I love your dish pictures! I would never have thought that dish washing could be pretty! Your boy is so sweet. xx Cathy

    • admin

      Thank you Cathy – it is not often that the dishes are so pretty xx

  • Maxabella

    Your boy is such a cutie, Lisa. And boy do you have a good eye for a fabric – cushions a bed! x

    • admin

      Thank you Bron, so nice to read your kind words xx

  • Jackie @ Hippie Mumma

    I love that bali bag *swoons!*

    • admin

      It’s a good one isn’t it hun?
      Searched for this one on my last trip, the detail in it is amazing and all done lovingly by hand xx

  • Jess - alittlepartoftheworld

    Simply beautiful Lisa. What pretty tea parties you throw. Jx

  • di @ lime&soda

    I’ve just bought Life & Love to read. Love seeing the snippets of your day. x

    • admin

      It’s a lovely read Di, as is her first book xx enjoy!!

  • Stephanie

    Lovely photos Lisa, could I come over to sit on your daybed – it looks so inviting. And your boy’s cheesy face is priceless. x

    • admin

      Thank you so much lovely xx
      You are welcome on the daybed anytime, it could tell some stories, so many things have been shared on there with so many people!!

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