10 Random Things About Me

10 things about me


The lovely #20facts tag made its way into my world on Instagram recently .. if you have not seen this one, it is a chance to nominate your favourites and friends to share 20 facts or things about themselves. I managed to share my first 10 of 20 on Instagram and I thought that it might be nice to share the other 10 here where there is a little more room for words!

♡ I am studying this year .. to become a Life Coach with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy. My course is about to begin and it all feels a little surreal to be honest, and so perfectly right at the same time! I have a dream to build the most welcoming, accepting and healing online place for anyone who needs to be supported through and beyond trauma, anxiety, depression or other life event.

♡ I need things lined up neatly on my desk, and everywhere for that matter! My brain is busy, so busy .. which means that I need the environment outside of my brain to be very neat and organised.

♡ I’m not a fan of homework for primary school children .. there is a lot of new research that indicates it has very little impact on future academic success. My little man is in his second term of kindergarten and I am very relaxed about this part of his routine, he actually loves doing his homework which I of course encourage however I am not concerned if he misses it.

♡ My pet peeves include selfishness, rudeness and apathy.

♡ I will be 42 later this year, yet I still feel 32, besides the lack of sleep wreaking havoc with my once youthful face .. Motherhood and lack of sleep suck the glow out of your face!

♡ I am still learning, growing and embracing all things spirituality, soulful living and heart centred connections. I believe that life is precious and fragile and that every day, every lesson, every break in your heart should be cherished for the opportunity to be a better you.

♡ My love for social media grows and grows the more positivity and goodness I inject into it .. I am constantly baffled with the complaints and negativity, excluding bullying of course, that is something I do not embrace and I respect that there is a dark side we need to actively bring out into the light.

♡ I believe that life is too short for crap champagne, and that people should not be allowed to call ‘sparkling wine’ champagne, ever! Life is also too short for crap coffee, I have an app that uses my location to find and rate all available coffee options if I am in a new place.

♡ I am a size 14 and I am only just now embracing my curves and power .. I used to be a size 6 in my 20s when I spent most weekends escaping from my role as Carer for my Mum in the underground world of raving, enough said on that for now!

♡ My dream for this blog is to build a world of hope / online hub around my Life Coaching for the people who need it most in this world, those who are struggling to see past their own experience with trauma, illness, anxiety, depression or other dark life event.

I would love for you to tell me one random thing about yourself in the comment xx

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  • Sammie @ The Annoyed Thyroid

    I love this, you beautiful soul! I can’t think of a person more well suited to life coaching! A random thing about me… I was born in South Africa where I used to be a baby model!

    • admin

      Sammie you are such a beautiful and supportive friend xx
      What the what with the baby modelling? I need to see photos!!

  • Sonia Life Love Hiccups

    Oh I hear you on the homework thing. The stress it causes in our house is ridiculous! So exciting about your life coaching hun – I can only imagine how much goodness you will inject into peoples lives. Hmm one random thing about me… I have foot phobia. No like I am seriously foot phobic. I can look at them.. but I cannot stand bare feet near me. Except for baby feet of course because anything baby is just delicious xx

    • admin

      Son I cannot thank you enough for the kind words about my study xx
      It makes such a huge difference in those quiet moments when I have a little panic about it all!!
      I hear that foot phobia is actually quite common 🙂

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