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10 Things Before New Year

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The dreamy space between Christmas and the New Year can be anything you want it to be, for those of us lucky enough not to be working. If you are working, I hope that you also have some time to dream a little before 2018 arrives. I prefer a mix of reflection, planning and nothing. The nothing part is actually really important, letting go of the need to always be switched on and productive is hugely beneficial in many ways. Below are 10 things to do before the end of 2017, you may like to choose from the list or embrace them all.


♡ Unravel Your Year

This is one of my favourite things to do between Christmas and the New Year. Click here to read all about Susannah Conway’s annual ‘Unravel Your Year’ guide and workbook, and download it all for free.

As Susannah says: “There is something incredibly magical about writing things down. Words. Intentions. Dreams. Memories. This is the ninth year I’ve created and shared the Unravel Your Year workbook and I’ll warn you now — this is powerful stuff!”

♡ Forgive yourself

Is there something that happened this year that you are holding onto too tightly? How can you let go and forgive yourself, to free up valuable space in your heart for beautiful new beginnings? Write it all down and set the intention to leave it behind with 2017. You only need the lessons, not the burden of guilt or blame.

♡ Choose a word for 2018

Having a focus for the year ahead can be as complex or as minimal as you wish. Is there a word that lights you up from the inside out? Is there a feeling that you want to take with you, nurture and embrace in 2018? How about fierce, magical, loved, joy, manifest, slow, acceptance, motivation, energise, stillness, forgiveness, imagine, travel, fun, learning or expansion?

♡ Clean up

Those days between Christmas and New Year tend to be a little blurred. Moving into the expansive space of a brand new year is something quite magical. It is the perfect time to set intentions and starting with a declutter and clean up can make space for your mind to get clear. Have a look around your home and scale back on the stuff, the clutter and remove the things that are not creating a sense of joy. Now is the ideal time to give to charity, or to organise a collection of the things you don’t want to take into 2018 with you.

♡ Swim in the ocean 

If you can spend time in the ocean do it, as often as possible. Embrace the powerful forces to be found in this space. Be super sun smart and spend some time on the sand, with salty hair, sandy toes and the sea breeze as your backdrop. Just listen to the sounds of nature. If the beach is not possible, find a quiet spot somewhere that Mother Nature has recently touched.

♡ Random Acts of Kindness

A firm favourite of mine. Checking in with others at this time of year is one of the most beautiful acts of kindness. Christmas is not magical for some, it is a time of painful memories, deeply felt grief and missing loved ones or the sense of loneliness. As I type this I myself am living with a resurgence of grief, an emptiness that is relieved most effectively by acts of kindness. Sharing is kind, reaching out to others and showing your heart is always a good idea. It may online or out and about during your holidays. Those who are working in retail or hospitality at this time deserve to be thanked and celebrated, how can you do that today?

♡ Donate to Charity

As someone who has worked in the charity sector for many years now, I can guarantee the positive impact of your generosity. It does not need to be hundreds of dollars every time you donate, it really is true that every dollar counts. My plan this week is to spend a little time with my 8 year old deciding together who we will donate to as our final act of kindness for 2017. We always do the Kmart Wishing Tree in the weeks before Christmas and below are the charities we are going to choose from for the end of the year, and I encourage you to do something similar:

The Smith Family


Red Cross Breakfast Club

Starlight Children’s Foundation

Coast Shelter

Animals Australia

♡ Read Wonder

This book and movie will change you for the better. Quite simply it is a must read for every human. If you can read the book or see the movie or at the very last visit the website and get involved before 2018 you will start the New Year with more kindness in your heart, I guarantee it!

♡ Plan your Giving for 2018

This is a really important article. Giving at Christmas is incredibly important, equally important is giving all year. Make a few notes as a family, reflecting on the causes and issues that matter to you. If you feel passionately about changing something in our world, or about helping someone in particular, this is a wonderful way to start your journey towards a cause close to your heart.

♡ Make time for doing nothing

In stark contrast to the other 9 things on this list, I also urge you to make time for doing nothing. Life has become all about doing something with every single minute of our days. This is not a healthy or sustainable way to live! Doing nothing is essential to your mental and physical wellbeing. If only for a few hours, do nothing before the end of 2017. Find a quite spot to sit and rest, take an afternoon nap or power nap, don’t plan an entire day and just see what happens. Switch off for an hour or two, drift around your home or neighbourhood with no destination in mind. Meditate or read something nourishing. Forget being productive for at least a small chunk of time.

I wish you all of the things your heart desires for 2018, and a healthy dose of the blissful nothing that feeds your wellbeing.

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  • Sammie @ The Annoyed Thyroid

    Love this list! We’ve done a few things on this list and you’ve reminded me to do others. I might have to draw the line at swimming in the ocean though – I much prefer a pool! I read Wonder on your recommendation and am now passing it on to hubby to read and we booked tickets to see the movie too. Hope 2018 is your best year yet!

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