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10 Ways to Turn a Bad Mood or Day Around

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It is possible to turn a bad mood around. It is also possible to turn a bad day around. I am hyper aware though that during a period of severe anxiety or depression this is not easy. For most of you, on most days, these ideas can work. If you are in a bit of a funk, if your day has started in a less than ideal fashion or you simply need to turn your mood around, I have personally tried and tested all of these ideas. Ideally you will be able to run through all 10 however if you need to turn things around really quickly I suggest choosing at least three of them.

Write or journal your bad juju:

Grab your journal or some fresh paper and spend at least 10 minutes letting out all of the thoughts that are causing you pain, angst, sadness or any form of blah! I suggest free writing, it does not need to make sense, think of it as emptying your brain, your body and your soul of the negative stuff to make way for the lovely and positive.

♡ Choose a positive, feel good word to focus on:

Think of a word that lights you up .. for example: kindness, fun, music, laughter, fantasy, enlightenment, frivolity, freedom, exhilaration. This will become the word and the feeling that you focus on to turn your day around.

♡ Reboot yourself with fresh clean air:

Find yourself some fresh air, ideally a walk in nature, or at least stick your head out a window. Close your eyes and take as many deep breaths of fresh clean air as possible. While you are doing this, visualise the negativity and anything toxic being released from your body on the out breaths.

♡ Play one high vibe song:

Choose a song that always energises you, or choose more if you have the time. Create a playlist for this purpose so that it becomes a part of your tool kit for turning bad days around. If you can shut yourself off for even just the 3 minutes of one high vibe song you will begin to feel things shift for you.

♡ List 3 things that make you feel good:

It could be a certain food, person, activity, belonging, memory, place, book, outfit, flower, movie or drink. Choose the one that that excites you the most and make it a part of your day.

♡ Do something for someone else:

My favourite antidote for a bad mood. Give someone a compliment, leave a beautiful comment on a blog, send an email to someone to let them know you appreciate them, order flowers for someone just because, make a donation to one of the charities you have been ignoring, leave a kind note for a work colleague, bake something for your kids, surprise your partner or best friend with a dinner date suggestion. The options are endless, and so are the feel good vibes!

♡ Give something away:

Have a quick look around your home and your office, is there something that you really don’t need or love? Could it brighten up the life of another if you donated it to charity or gave it to someone you know? I do this one a lot and it is the best fun!

♡ Clear your clutter:

It only needs to be a quick clean, maybe just your desk or your bedroom. Spend 15-30 minutes tidying, clearing the clutter and creating a nice clean space to make way for your better mood ahead!

♡ Book or plan something fun:

Have a look at your calendar and start to think about planning something fun like a girls night, or a little holiday. The planning and organising is half the fun, and this is pretty much guaranteed to turn things around for you if are in a bit of a rut.

♡ Allow yourself to shine:

Give yourself permission to be happy! There is so much moaning, and often a herd mentality about being busy and tired and overwhelmed! Resist this and go out on your own to shine some light for yourself and others, the world needs more sparkle!

Do you have any other ways that you turn a bad mood or a bad day around?

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  • erinmadethis

    Love this Lisa! xx

  • Jenni from Styling Curvy

    ALL great tips Lisa…music is an instant mood lifter for me x

    • admin

      Thanks Jen, music is a big part of my day too!! xx

  • Hippie Mumma

    Beautiful list Lisa 🙂 Just yesterday I was patting myself on the back for turning a bad down around so effortlessly, because I usually struggle to do so. Your list is a great resource xx

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