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21 Ways to be Kind at Work

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It’s likely that you spend quite a bit of your time in a workplace of some sort. It may the traditional office environment, it may be working from home, managing a team remotely, managing a household or any variation on the ‘office’. No matter the type of workplace, you have the power to make it a better place for everyone, yourself included! It is a well known fact that acts of kindness are some of the best types of therapy! It is also widely known that the energy you put out into a place or the wider world is the energy that you attract more of. So it makes sense to be a kind human at work!

Below are a few of the ways that you can bring a little more joy into your workplace and in turn your world. Some are surprisingly simple, yet I promise they will work. I have found that most workplaces need more joy. In our crazy, fast paced world most people rush into the office, bury themselves in their work and then rush back out to their ‘real lives’ and those demands. So many opportunities to simply look up and take a few moments to spread some good energy are missed!

May we all play our part in creating more joy and wellbeing in the workplace:

♡ Make a cup of tea for someone and pop it on their desk

♡ Surprise someone with their coffee order on your way into the office or during the day

♡ Bake some treats and leave them in the kitchen

♡ Keep your space super tidy and organised

♡ Offer to help someone who seems stressed or overwhelmed with their workload

♡ Ask your colleagues how they are and listen closely when they respond

♡ Take some photos around the office or at a work event and print some out

♡ Leave kindness notes and compliments around the office

♡ Smile and laugh lots, most workplaces could do with a good dose of this type of therapy

♡ Don’t take the credit for achievements, share the recognition with team members

♡ Uplift and shine a light on others every chance you get

♡ Take your magazines and books into the office for others to enjoy and share

♡ Organise a regular lunch gathering with a theme to highlight and celebrate different cultural backgrounds

♡ Thank people, all day every day

♡ Pay attention to your Boss and learn how to really support them and acknowledge them

♡ Likewise, pay attention to your team members and direct reports, get to know them well

♡ Tidy the kitchen and bathroom, just because

♡ Leave a few toiletry items in the bathroom such as tampons and deodorant, for everyone to use

♡ Find out and remember the birthdays of your closest work colleagues

♡ Volunteer to start a social club or charity committee

♡ Organise a clothes swap

So many simple, life changing ways to be a kind human at work! I would love to hear your other suggestions.



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  • Sammie @ The Annoyed Thyroid

    Such great ideas! I’m a big advocate of sharing cake at work and I also like to make sure I know about the birthdays too. Being kind is infectious – and all workplaces need more of it!

  • Evelyn

    I totally agree with this one, “don’t take the credit for achievements, share the recognition with team members.” This is not just being kind but also sharing inspiration. It’s a simple gesture but this will definitely create huge waves for others.

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