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4 Brands I Love + The Reasons Why

Brands I Love and Why I Love Them


Brands are everywhere .. doing their best to grab your attention amidst the deafening noise of marketing and social media! As consumers we have such power in our hands (and our wallets). Do you take the time to consider your purchases, and the brands that you support with your buying power? Of course there are many factors to consider including quality, fit, value and emotional connection.

It is a chance to live and exercise your values, putting a little extra time and effort into aligning yourself with the brands and the people behind them. In this age of tech and social you also have the power to become an advocate for a brand if you feel strongly enough about it. It is such an amazing time for brands and consumers! Have you ever taken a photo of a product, shared it on social media, used a hashtag or even tagged a brand?

It has never been more important for brands to truly listen and authentically tune into what their customers and advocates are saying. Social media is rich with feedback, it is instant and it is honest! I believe that we should be rewarding the brands and the people who are utilising their power for good too! It is my hope to share some of the brands that I personally adore!

Sukin Skincare

It is a combination of the carefully selected ingredients, the minimal packaging and the value that originally drew me to Sukin products. It is such an accessible brand and I have been using a variety of their products for many years. I especially love the Rose Hip Oil, Facial Scrub, the Wellbeing Body Oil and the Serums.


It was something I read about the Owner of the Sussan Group in a magazine article that sparked some further research beyond my love of their clothing. It seems that Naomi Milgrom operates in a way that is abundant with ethics, compassion and empowerment for women and staff. Have a little read of this post and you may see Sussan in an even more beautiful light.


Lisa Messenger epitomises brand and life magic to me! The Collective magazine is the most amazing source of real and inspiring stories of soulpreneurs, entrepreneurs and social enterprise success! It takes the full month between issues to soak up every word, and it is well worth the time! The Collective reaches and inspires well beyond the magazine too, Lisa has some wonderful books and the Collective website is an amazing resource in itself.

Samantha Wills

It is difficult to put into words the mix of exquisite beauty and down to earth Aussie that is Samantha Wills. Samantha has built her brand from humble beginnings, I even remember when she first started at Bondi Markets! The consistent beauty and heart centred approach to her business is such an inspiration and I absolutely love the experience of shopping and supporting her brand.

Do you have any favourite brands?

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  • Sammie @ The Annoyed Thyroid

    Just checked out that article about Naomi, I love her four pillars of leadership. Shopping feels even better when you do it with a conscience!

    • admin

      Amazing aren’t they, the Pillars?
      Such great values to lead and live by xx

  • jenni from styling curvy

    ALL fantastic brands Lisa! I’m off to read about Naomi

    • admin

      I thought you would agree on these brands Jen! xx

  • Vanessa Plewes

    I too love Sukin skin care products. Affordable and effective x

    • admin

      They are so great aren’t they Ness? xx

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