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4 Charity Ideas for Your Family

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If you want to raise future leaders, children who are a little extra-ordinary and who may just change the world for the better yet you feel that this is all too hard .. let me assure you that it is entirely possible. In fact, as parents it is our responsibility to inspire the next generation. In a world that often seems overwhelmed with fear, hate and trauma it has never been more important for you as a parent, carer or role model of any kind to step up.

It is not OK to be a bystander anymore, the world has enough of those. The frightening rates of youth suicide, domestic violence, bullying, eating disorders, homelessness and other issues are our responsibility. It is going to take a passionate and powerful effort by all members of society to ensure that these issues are addressed and our children are protected.

The amazing charities and the people within them need your support. It can sometimes feel as though you can’t possibly do enough to make a difference, please forget this. Every effort counts, every dollar counts, every word of support and contribution makes a difference.

The charities are in place, they are investing extraordinary amounts of passion and time into creating the support, education, prevention measures and resources. It is our divine responsibility as fellow human beings, adults, parents and role models to do what we can to support them. It is such a beautiful, fun and enriching experience to bring the concept of charity into your home and your family.

My advice from personal experience is to embrace and include charity and giving back as you do any other part of family life. If more families did this imagine the impact? I hope that by sharing some of the charities that I know are making a difference, and the simple yet impactful ways you can support them with your family, that this will inspire more charity at home.

Kids Helpline

Kids Helpline is such a well known and respected service, and it has never been more vital. Kids Helpline provides free and confidential phone and online counselling for 5-25 year olds. Bullying, domestic violence, suicide and mental health are some of the most important issues for parents and involving your children in this charity is an amazing way to support them as well as your family. It makes me incredibly sad to read that out of 10 calls made to Kids Helpline only 6 are answered and 4 do not make it through. It is this reason that they need donations, and your involvement in whatever ways possible. The Kids section of their website is a great place to start with your own kids, to educate and empower them on this cause.

Youth Off The Streets

Homelessness is a really important topic at this time of year. It is Winter in Australia and there are more than 47,000 young people under the age of 25 living and sleeping rough. Can you imagine if these were your children trying to find warmth and safety, it is pretty much an unbearable thought. I must disclose that I work for this charity, my passion for this cause is very personal though, and I write about Youth Off The Streets with complete authenticity. The #laceitup campaign is a perfect way to speak to your children about homelessness. Homeless youth sleep with their shoes on, ready to run from harm and also to keep warm. Putting your shoes on and taking them off at night is a simple luxury that you and your children may take for granted. Have a look into this campaign and speak to your children about spending some of their pocket money on a pair of laces to make a fun and powerful difference to other children who are not so fortunate. Did you know that most homeless young people have made the incredibly hard decision to leave their homes for the streets, they often consider the streets a safer option.

One Girl

One Girl is a perfect charity if you agree with this statement: “We believe every girl on the planet has the right to an education. An educated girl can change her world.” If you have girls then this is the most amazing way to inspire them beyond the somewhat shallow pursuits girls are increasingly exposed to today. If you can broaden their minds in a way that is educational, aspirational and meaningful then you can really help to make a difference in your own home and the world around your family. The One Girl website is an amazing resource to explore and share with your girls and your whole family, the impact that they are having is tangible and powerful.

40 Hour Famine for World Vision

An oldie but a goody! Do you remember doing this one when you were at school? It has had some changes over the years and the concept now is actually a really great one for educating your children! “Show what you stand for. Give something up for 40 hours and help fight global hunger.” The 40 Hour Famine is the perfect charity activity for families, encouraging your children to give up TV, technology or something that they consider ‘essential’ to their happiness can really give them an amazing insight into themselves as well as families who live without any essentials.

Have you and your family supported any other charities recently?

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