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5 Things to Love about Home

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Home is a really important place to us. It is where we create the most intimate family memories, the moments that are sometimes overlooked .. yet often become those that make up how you feel about the world. As a Mother, a friend, a daughter and someone who cares about kindness and giving, I was so excited to create a home movie party with Fox for my little man and his gorgeous school friends.

Some of my most treasured memories of childhood involve having friends over, exploring each other’s rooms and spending time in the very personal and sacred spaces of our homes. It has been such a beautiful (and emotional!) experience to hold the hand of my own child as he started school this year and made his own brand new friendships.

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Friendship to me is all about sharing .. sharing the crazy beautiful journey of life, sharing the ups and downs, the magic and the simple moments. It is also about generosity .. sharing the last piece of chocolate, including your best friends in your celebrations and gifts. I honestly believe that “The true value of what we have, can only be measured by what we give.”

The DreamWorks movie Home is all about family, friendship and fun, our favourite things! It is also about the love between a Mother and her child, unlikely friendships and learning the true meaning of home.

There were so many things to love about this movie:

The music

So many great tracks and so well put together to match the moods throughout the movie! I have always been a Jennifer Lopez fan girl and her voice is beautiful in both of her roles in the movie, as Tip’s Mum and as one of the stars of the soundtrack.

♡ The themes

Family, friendship, acceptance, self belief, questioning things when they don’t feel right, emotions and self love are all explored beautifully!

♡ The amazing animation and the colour!

I have never seen such life like animated hair, I was mesmerised by Tip’s curls at times! I think it was that combined with the dreamy voice of Rhianna..

♡ The party scenes

The scenes where Oh! learns about the concept of entertaining, and the final scenes where the humans and the Boov share the dance floor – so fun! The party edition of the DVD has loads of extra party scenes and party planning tips.

♡ The single Mamma!

Of course this is one of my favourite parts of the movie! There is not enough representation of single parents, blended families, the richness of the non-traditional family in movies or on TV so I welcome the focus on this.

Celebrating at home with family and friends is one of the best ways to give, share and create memories. It can be as simple or as elaborate as your imagination allows, and it is such a fun way to inspire generosity of spirit in your children. Inviting and welcoming others into your home is such a special way to nurture friendships and truly get to know each other.

Maybe you could host a home movie party just like we did these school holidays! It does not matter if your space is small and cosy like ours, we invited a handful of the friends who we have connected with at big school over the past 6 months. Fox provided some lunch for us, and they also generously gifted some amazing movie merchandise to share with our friends, this was the best part of working with Fox, being able to give away some of the magic to our friends.

If you click through to this link you will find the most amazing toolkit of Home goodies to help with your planning!

Home is out now on DVD and Blu-ray, and Fox have been very generous with some prize packs for me to give away so please be sure to keep an eye on the Facebook page this week where I will share some of the movie magic xx

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