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9 Ways to Give Yourself Permission

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Do you ever wonder what it might feel like to give yourself permission? Rather than always doing and saying what you think is the ‘right thing to do’?

Permission to exhale.

Are you rushing from one thing to the next, never really stopping to let out that breath you took first thing in the morning? The breath is such a powerful place to start to make a change .. as is becoming aware that you may be holding onto the expectations of others too tightly.

Permission to sit still.

The power of mindfulness is well known, and bringing this practice into your life will have a huge impact. Do you find that these days you simply can’t sit still, even if you find those elusive few moments on your own? Do your hands reach knowingly for your phone or device .. try at least once a day to simply sit. Let your hands rest in your lap and listen to your breath.

Permission to say no.

Learning to truly honour yourself and your needs starts with the ability to graciously say no. Notice where you are too easily saying yes for the wrong reasons. Are you a people pleaser, or are you simply making your decisions from a place of fear instead of a place of self love?

Permission to shine.

Do you find yourself playing down your achievements, deflecting compliments and shying away from praise and recognition? WHY? Give yourself permission to be celebrated .. but always remain humble and graceful, even in the glow of your own goodness.

Permission to heal.

Such a big one for me right now. The delicate dance around grief and optimism. Allowing the loss and the pain to be felt yet keeping one eye firmly on the light at the end of the tunnel. Allow yourself to process your emotions, just don’t allow them to slowly overshadow your hopes and dreams.

Permission to simply be enough.

The endless strive for perfection, balance and ‘having it all’ is just that .. endless. Give yourself permission to simply be enough. Some days if all you managed was to breathe and take care of your basic needs (and those of your children if you have them) .. that is simply enough.

Permission to dream.

Is there something burning away inside of you that is not being recognised and honoured? Make the time to listen to what it is that sets your soul alight .. some days are for dreaming, and scheming and letting yourself get carried away with the thoughts and ideas that make you feel purposefully alive!

Permission to love.

Hurts from the past, lack of self belief and the pressure to ‘play it safe’ can hold you back from ‘being’ love. Do all things with love, remember that you are love, and the more love that you give yourself and the world around you, the more that you will receive.

Permission to let go.

If someone or something is not serving you in the highest and most authentic way possible for you, let it go. Face your fear, and remember that there is nothing outside of yourself that is ever going to fulfil you or any of your needs.

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  • Sammie @ The Annoyed Thyroid

    I love this, Lisa! I’ve definitely got to work on the sitting still and being more mindful, instead of mind full!

  • Edith Rodriguez

    What a great list! I think I struggle with sitting still. Even when I have ‘nothing’ to do, I find myself on my phone to keep myself busy. I definitely need to practice just being still for a few moments each day.

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