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9 Ways to Prepare for a New Year


Such a lovely thing, to be gifted a brand new year. 365 whole days, shining brightly before you, yours to make your own in whatever way brings you the most joy. I find that doing a little heart centred preparation during the days before a new year can set a well intentioned focus for those 365 days.

One of my favourite things to do at this time is to choose a word for the new year. In the past I have chosen joy, creativity, authenticity and compassion. My word for 2016 is FLOW. I have recently discovered the power of surrender, and being more about the flow, as opposed to the pushing and forcing that tends to be a natural way of approaching life.

I hope that you find some inspired ideas here for your own new year preparations, these are some of my favourite ways to prepare for a new year:

♡ Workbooks

There are some amazing teachers out in the blogosphere, leading the way with their light filled lives and work. Some of my favourites have released free workbooks to guide you into the new year .. Susannah Conway, Yvette Luciano, Megan Dalla-Camina.

I am also deep in the midst of The Desire Map. Danielle la Porte blows me away daily, I highly recommend fitting some desire mapping into your new year prep!

♡ Journal

Write it out! If you spend some time on any of the workbooks above this will be a big part of that .. I also suggest a lot of free writing at this time of year. Let your mind empty itself as often as you can, create the space that is needed for lots of loveliness in the new year!

♡ Swim in the ocean

The salty ocean and air is the perfect body and mind cleanser! The space between Christmas and New Year is beautifully reflective, and spending some time in the ocean will help you to wash away any of the chaos, negativity or baggage from the year you are leaving behind.

♡ Social media cleanse

Spend a little time checking your accounts, make sure that you are only allowing the news, people and media into your life that is uplifting, life enhancing and positive! It may be that you need to unsubscribe from some of the things you allow into your inbox, or you may need to unfriend or unfollow some of the people who are hurting your heart or soul.

♡ Declutter and organise

Now is the perfect time to do a little organising at home, make way for the gifts you have received and make some space to just BE. Personally I am committing to less stuff in the new year. My plans include downsizing the wardrobe, giving lots away to charity and spending less time shopping for the sake of shopping.

♡ Meditate and visualise

If you have a spare 10 minutes each day, this is all you need. Sit in stillness, picture all of the thoughts about 2015 floating by like clouds. Focus on your word for 2016 and feel all of the feels about how this word will appear for you and make you feel.

♡ Write some letters

Make a list of 3-5 people you want to forgive, or who you want to share something with before the end of the year. Write a letter, and if you have the courage consider sending it, or if that is not yet possible simply keep them close to your heart.

♡ Forgive

On the subject of forgiveness, let go of any hurt or bitterness that you are holding onto from this past year. This has been a big one for me these past few months. It is not always possible to forgive completely, and it is important to remember that forgiveness is for you, not the other person. It does not mean that you excuse or forget them or their behaviour, it is simply futile holding onto this.

♡ Buy a new diary

The fresh pages of a beautiful diary or journal are a signal to the universe that you are ready, the clean slate is your very own chance to start over. I was lucky enough to receive this diary as a gift and I could not be more in love with its beautiful blank pages, colours and quotes scattered throughout.

I wholeheartedly hope that your new year is all that you deeply desire.

With Joy ..

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