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The impact of my experience learning and being mentored by Rachel McDonald has been seriously extraordinary! Rachel is a shining light in the world of doing what you love, living your passion and creating a life that is filled with purpose. I am a learning addict, which makes me a bit of an expert reviewer in this area too! Sharing my learnings and the different experiences I have had in life is the essence of this space and it is my life purpose.

It was the time that I spent in Rachel’s 8 week Blog Hearted course that provided me with the skills and extra support that I needed to launch the art of joy in the best way possible. My love of writing, sharing and connecting through the telling of my stories and life lessons was already there obviously, making the dream for this space come to life was deeply supported through this course.

Rachel lives and breathes authenticity, passion and purpose. It is this that I believe is at the heart of the Blog Hearted course and it is this that attracts so many people to her work. If you have a soulful blog or a business, or if you are at the stage of dreaming about creating this, I whole heartedly recommend learning more about Blog Hearted.

I have been thinking about the many things that this course has given me, these are some of the highlights that can be possible for you too:

♡ Getting crystal clear on your blog or business vision.

♡ Amplifying your online presence, reaching more of the right people with your message.

♡ Learning how Rachel built her amazing blog and soul centred business, (she is so generous with all of her own learnings).

♡ How to create amazing content that will cut through all of the online noise.

♡ How to create amazing digital products and consider other income streams.

♡ A compassionate, genuine and honest mentor, Rachel is a true soul sister!

♡ Putting yourself out there in the most authentic way possible.

♡ Practical strategies + the real and genuine life experience behind all of Rachel’s learnings.

♡ An amazing community of heart centred people who will become your tribe and your cheer squad! (I have made some really lovely and supportive friends through this course!)

I could create the longest list here! If you take a few minutes to read through all of the information at this link you will also find the course outline with a breakdown of each module. It is well worth checking out the abundance of praise for the course which is abundantly genuine, and the way that people share about the impact that Rachel has on their lives is beautiful!

Blog Hearted testimonials

I would love to share as much as I can about this experience, so if you have any questions at all about any part of the course and the way that I have applied this to my blog please let me know. If you do decide to go ahead and join the Blog Hearted tribe through my involvement I would love to share even more and support you through your learning with a special set of my summary notes and unlimited email questions while you are in the course! *

Please note: I am genuinely excited and proud to be an affiliate for the course, any decision that I make to partner with a brand or individual is a very considered one. This space is an extension of my life in the most authentic and meaningful way, everything that makes its way here is done with the most loving intentions. I will only ever promote a brand or an individual who I know, who I have direct experience with and who I believe may be of benefit to you my readers.



* Some conditions will apply to this so I will explain it in more detail if you do decide to go ahead xx

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  • Shannon@ my2morrows

    Wow! Sounds like both Rachel and the course have had a huge impact on you. No wonder your blog is so amazing and inspiring! I’ve had a big read of all the info, actually read it twice. It looks incredible and definitely speaks to me!
    My only hesitation is the time commitment… is it achievable with a demanding day job and 2 young kids? How different is the time commitment to Clever Cookie?

    • admin

      Hi lovely Shannon – I’m so glad that this all came across in my post about Rach and her course.
      It truly was the most significant factor in the growth of my blog, and Rach is just the most generous, genuine and deeply beautiful soul.
      In terms of time commitment, it is self paced and includes all of the notes and worksheets, this is the main difference to Clever Cookie, in which we were not given the materials.
      It is hugely detailed although it can be done at your own pace, at times I was up to date and at other times I fell behind and then caught up.
      I was working full time at the time of this course, and single parenting!! xx

      • my2morrows

        Thanks Lisa. This helps tonnes. Good to know its self paced. I’ll have another read of all the course info. Xx

        • admin

          You’re welcome Shannon, happy to help when I feel so strongly about something xx

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