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A Collection of Posts to Change the World!

A collection of posts to change the world

Yes I have high hopes! I believe that we need to dream big and at the same time we need to start where we can to change the world, and for most of us that is in our own lives with the people we can directly impact. It is not hard to be a little nicer, pay a little more attention to others and to sprinkle kindness and leave a trail wherever you go in this crazy beautiful life!

I know that I bang on about this, they say that it takes a lot of repetition for a message to sink in though. The world needs way more positive messages, way more kindness and a whole lot of healing at the moment! I suspect that I will be banging on about kindness and changing the world for a long time, and that is fine, it is my purpose.

Here in a neat and handy little list are some of the most loved posts I have shared on the topics of kindness, being nice, changing the world and helping others:

5 Tips for Using Social Media for Good

Simple Ways to be a Nicer Person

Do Your Acts of Kindness Matter?

Why You Should do More for Charity + How

How to be a Good Friend to Someone Living with Anxiety and Depression

I hope that you find some inspiration in these postsΒ β™‘

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  • Jo @ You had us at hello

    Love this Lisa! I love sprinkling kindness too, it’s so infectious xx

    • admin

      Thank you Jo xx
      I know firsthand how amazing you are at sprinkling kindness!!

  • fleurh81

    Beautiful list Lisa. You are one of the kindness ladies I know x

    • admin

      OH Fleur you are so lovely, thank you for this beautiful message xx

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  • Sammie @ The Annoyed Thyroid

    So much inspiration – I love it all! There is no such thing as too much banging on about kindness or changing the world and I couldn’t think of a better person to do it !

  • Lauren @ Life at Number Five

    Lovely idea Lisa! Lots of great inspiration there. xx

    • admin

      Thank you Lauren, Im so glad that you found inspiration in these posts xx

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