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Birthdays, Cars and Life Lessons on the Central Coast

(This post is the third in my series of three for the Kidspot Voices of 2015 | #fordthinking Challenge)

So in the time that we have had the New Ford Everest in our lives, there has been a birthday (mine!), many days of house bound illness (shared), a graduation (mine!) humbling kindness, time for reflection .. and the usual multitude of same same grocery shops, school runs and other daily activities.








Life is a crazy mix of that which we can control, and that which comes hurtling our way with no rhyme or reason. It is futile to attempt control over most of it, that is a lesson I learned many moons ago. Life has taught me that the way you react to a situation or another human is pretty much the only thing you can control.

My last few birthdays have involved exotic resort style locations including Hawaii, Thailand and Bali. My most recent birthday (last week) was as far from this as possible. It has been a year that I am glad to be farewelling in a cleansing sort of way. I would never recommend wishing the moments, days, weeks or years away, they are far too precious for that. I am realistic though and know that some of these are better left behind you.

So on this most recent birthday I looked for the simple comforts, knowing in advance that there was going to be some uncomfortable grief making itself known. The Central Coast felt like the best place to be, and knowing that we could head there in comfort (rather than the usual clunky bomb) was hugely appealing!

I have to say that I never pictured myself blogging about cars. It is only through the encouragement of Kidspot and my place in the Top 25 for Voices of 2015 that I began to think outside of my usual bloggy comfort zone. Cars are never going to be one of my ‘things’ – as I have said before, this was always going to be about adding value outside of our own lives.

In the process though I have come to realise that a lot has changed in cars since the bomb was made 13 years ago. A lot of the changes make life easier and safer, and that matters. It is not about status, making myself known at school drop off, and nor is it about anything of a material nature.

Heading to the Central Coast where I grew up, and where we spend quite a lot of time with my Dad, was the perfect way to spend a few quiet days reflecting on the lessons and chances to grow this past year has given me. It was also perfect to visit a few new places I have had on my list for a while including Coast 175 at Ettalong for lunch and Becker and Co at Avoca for coffee.

download (2)

The Ford Everest will have transported roughly 50 coffees whilst in our care, it has rubber lined cup holders which are truly genius for this important task, I am not sure how I will go back to no cup holders!

download (3)

The navigation system in the Ford Everest is next level! It tells me ALL of the traffic in real time, this pic pretty much sums up the traffic situation in Sydney every day, the yellow spots politely highlighting ‘traffic incidents’.


The Adaptive Cruise Control was the best part of the trip to the Central Coast, one that we make often.

download (1)

The is the face of a very happy 6 year old who has delighted in learning all about ‘FORDS’ and proudly telling anyone who will listen that we now drive a big black FORD with 7 seats, a back door that opens automatically, a sunroof and seats that fold down for picnics!

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  • Sammie @ The Annoyed Thyroid

    That car has magic powers – the boot is my best! I hope you had a magical birthday and that the year ahead is packed full of magic moments!

    • admin

      It does have magical powers Sammie!
      It has been a breath of fresh air for us recently xx

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