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What exactly is a Blog Award I hear you ask? I think that winning something like this is very personal, and means something very different to each of the bloggers chosen for an award. I am not a fan of the word ‘winner’ to be honest, obviously it needs to be used in this context! I am also not a fan of the cliche, so it is somewhat difficult to articulate myself on this topic .. I will give it a go though! Everyone is a winner when you blog from the heart! (Sorry, couldn’t help myself!)


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It was a suggestion from someone else that I enter the Bupa Blog Awards. It seemed like I had nothing to lose, and the process was nice and easy! I put myself forward and that was that .. until the email letting me know that I had been chosen in the Top 5 of the Personal Category! Say what? I know everyone with a shred of modesty will exclaim that this type of thing is unexpected! I do honestly exclaim that with sincerity .. as well as modesty!

At times the words come easy to me, some days they linger deep inside and are either too complex to extract or I am simply too exhausted after the daily essentials of life. I know that when the words do come, they matter. I am not shy about sharing or about going into the deep topics. I honestly believe that the world needs more of this.

Did you know that in Australia suicide is the leading cause of death for males and females aged between 15 and 44? (Source)

Those of us who have survived suicidal thoughts, anxiety, depression and other mental illness can change this heart breaking statistic, by sharing. We can shine a light on the ways that we have managed to find the light, and the ways that we continue every day to choose the light over the darkness.

Suicide is one of many topics that I believe need to become easier to talk about. Along with body image, chronic illness, cancer, dying, being a Carer, bullying, raising kind humans .. thankfully a lot of these topics are covered by those who were chosen as Finalists and Winners in the Bupa Blog Awards!

I love that the judges recognised the need for the tough topics to be celebrated and for our voices to be amplified, thank you!

This is what it all means to me, having my voice amplified so that it reaches where it is needed most!
It also means that my story which is at times dark, painful and incredibly traumatic, is less about me and more about the ways in which it can help others.

All of the wonderful Winners with whom I share this honour are featured here, please check them out too!

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  • Sammie @ The Annoyed Thyroid

    Love your work, lady! I am so proud of you and that award is so well deserved. I can’t wait to see what the next year holds for you!

    • admin

      Thank you for always believing in me!!

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