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Can you Learn to Love Facebook?

Learn to Love Facebook


It is old news that Facebook and social media are somewhat controversial! It is also old news that I am (absolutely!) pro social media, and anti Facebook bashing. The reason for this, I believe that it is a reflection of how you feel about your life in general .. so blaming social media for a bad experience seems like a bit of a cop out to me!

It is entirely possible to learn to love Facebook, and it will create a much better experience for you if you naturally tend towards indifference or worse! It truly is an amazing tool, there has never been anything like it and it is not going anywhere anytime soon so I strongly suggest embracing it!

If you need a little help in nurturing your ‘love’ for Facebook, here are my 5 top tips:

♡ Think of Facebook as the most amazing journal .. if you are updating your personal account with all of the big and little life events, you are also naturally creating a ‘timeline’ of your life. It doesn’t get much more amazing! It is not just scribbled words in a paper journal, it is your chosen photos, the locations, the people, the details .. all captured forever. It is now also possible to turn all of this into a book quite easily online. I have not done this yet although I am leaning towards using My Social Book very soon.

♡ Stop complaining! Seriously, this one will change your life in more ways than one. If you find yourself scrolling through your news feed and descending into the darkness of eye rolling and whinging about what you see, it is time to take a good look at yourself, this is probably not about Facebook at all. The people and the pages that you allow into your news feed are at the heart of your experience with social media. If you are complaining about people sharing too many photos of their kids, or too much ‘happiness’, then why are you friends with them, on Facebook or in real life? If you are feeling anything but shared happiness then the issue most likely lies inside of you.

♡ Sprinkle more kindness! I know this might seem obvious, and it also might seem like something I have said before .. that is simply because it works! Spend a little time each day leaving kind words, compliments, positive comments and any form of kindness around Facebook land. I guarantee this will turn things around for you if you are feeling like there is nothing good to be found there.

♡ Follow some charities, and see the amazing things that are being done through the power of social media! The incredible reach of Facebook is something we have never seen in any other form of media, marketing or communication. The ways that this is being utilised for good will always outshine any of the bad. Have a think about the causes and the issues that are important to you and do some research into the charities in these areas, find their Facebook pages and become a part of their communities. Channel any negativity you have into doing some good instead.

♡ Always approach Facebook with grace, dignity and intelligence. Is it really necessary, is it kind and is it done with absolutely no doubts and no negative emotions? Ask yourself these questions every single time you share something. Check every single word before you share it. Would you be OK if what you are about to share became available to your parents, your children, your boss? It is entirely possible that it just might, so you need to be OK with that. I have actually never regretted sharing anything that I have chosen to share, simply because I only ever share with dignity and authenticity, it is always me begin me. My outlook in life is reflected in my outlook on social media, it is positive, honest and I stand by it all!

Do you have any tips for loving Facebook?


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  • Sammie @ The Annoyed Thyroid

    Great tips. I think just on Facebook, as in real life, it’s important to choose who you “like” and your friends very carefully. Choose people who feed your soul, not suck it dry.

    • admin

      Absolutely agree Sammie, and this is such a timely message as I had to bravely make a friendship choice that involved ‘removing’ someone who was sadly sucking my soul dry this week 🙁

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