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Inspired by Natalie – Real Single Mums this Mother’s Day

single Mums Mother's Day

Being a single Mum at this time of year can be tough, especially when your own Mother is not around. The onslaught of Mother’s Day messaging can trigger so many emotions and bring grief back to slap you in the face. It can also be hard when your Mother is actually around but not in the traditional sense. Natalie is an amazing single Mum whose own Mother lives with mental illness. I asked Natalie to share some of her thoughts and experiences and she so generously and honestly gave such a powerful and intimate insight.

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5 Important Life Lessons



Life Lessons shared are some of the most beautiful ways we can connect as human beings, don’t you think? I have learned that sharing your own lessons can bring meaning into your darkest times too. If you can look back with a sense of reflection, and focus on the growth rather than the pain, the life lessons will become an essential part of your healing during life’s toughest times.

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Are you Kind Online?

kind online


Do you think about every word that you share online? In much the same way that you choose your words carefully when speaking to your partner, children, boss, friends, shop assistants, waiters or others who come your way in real life (well at least I hope you do!), why are so many not choosing to be kind online? The rates of anxiety, depression and suicide seem to be spiralling out of control … most days I worry about my sensitive 7 year old entering the online world and being subjected to the very worst of human behaviour!

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