Blogging Doing what you love

What it Means to be a Part of Kidspot Voices of 2015


Blogging is as far from a contest to me as anything in this life could possibly be. In fact, my blogging is quite the opposite to any notion of competition. It is all about connection, collaboration and compassion. As a personal blogger who lives by the deeply entrenched values of authenticity, honesty and keeping it very real, my gratitude for being included as a finalist in the Voices of 2015ย campaign is all about the impact of this on the lives of others.

Sharing the life lessons that can be found in the darkest of times is a little like shining a light into the places you least want to invite people .. yet by doing this I am also shining the light where it is needed most for others. It is absolutely the most precious gift, to be able to share my own lessons so that others are left feeling less alone and ultimately more hopeful.

Blogging Doing what you love

A Beautiful Online Course for Bloggers and Spirited Business



The impact of my experience learning and being mentored by Rachel McDonald has been seriously extraordinary! Rachel is a shining light in the world of doing what you love, living your passion and creating a life that is filled with purpose. I am a learning addict, which makes me a bit of an expert reviewer in this area too! Sharing my learnings and the different experiences I have had in life is the essence of this space and it is my life purpose.

It was the time that I spent in Rachel’s 8 week Blog Hearted course that provided me with the skills and extra support that I needed to launch the art of joyย in the best way possible. My love of writing, sharing and connecting through the telling of my stories and life lessons was already there obviously, making the dream for this space come to life was deeply supported through this course.


10 Random Things About Me

10 things about me


The lovely #20facts tag made its way into my world on Instagram recently .. if you have not seen this one, it is a chance to nominate your favourites and friends to share 20 facts or things about themselves. I managed to share my first 10 of 20 on Instagram and I thought that it might be nice to share the other 10 here where there is a little more room for words!

โ™ก I am studying this year .. to become a Life Coach with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy. My course is about to begin and it all feels a little surreal to be honest, and so perfectly right at the same time! I have a dream to build the most welcoming, accepting and healing online place for anyone who needs to be supported through and beyond trauma, anxiety, depression or other life event.