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What to Say When Someone has Cancer + a Giveaway

poppies for cancer

It’s a tough topic, my favourite kind! What to say when someone has cancer .. the more we share ideas and shine light on his conversation the more people know how to support others well. It has taken me many years to find some peace after my own family’s experience with cancer, it was something that rocked us in the midst of another tragedy. It was all a bit of a blur at the time to be honest, being thrown into the role of carer in your teens is about as traumatic as life gets! Since then my levels of resilience and wisdom have soared, and this deep sense of ‘knowing’ has allowed me to go on and support others.

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The Alternative to Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is an emotional time of year for many, including myself. Can you imagine what this particular day of the year might feel like for any of the following people around you:

♡ A woman who is having trouble conceiving or is unable to conceive

♡ A Mother who has lost a child to stillbirth, miscarriage, cancer, childhood heart disease, suicide, an accident or in any other tragic circumstances

♡ A single Dad who has lost his wife, partner or the Mother of his child

♡ A single Mum who has lost her own Mum (that would be me!)

I know that there are many more ways in which this ‘day’ can be painful. I know that more people need to stop and think about others.

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Mend Broken Hearts this Valentine’s Day


Instead of getting caught up in the icky, commercialised parts of Valentine’s Day .. let’s mend some broken hearts together this February! I have been working with HeartKids Australia since November, can you believe that I get to call myself a Social Media Manager .. for a charity? Hello dream job! My love for social media is no secret, being able to change lives through the power of Facebook is ridiculously life changing for everyone involved .. and Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to change some lives!