Weekly Gathering of Joyful Links




Hope you find lots of JOY in these links too:

♡ Do you need to lift yourself out of a bad mood or a bit of a funk this weekend? Bella Mumma shared a list of 21 Quick Tricks to Instantly Make You Feel Better HERE.

♡ Do you know anything about the impact of the New Moon? This week the new moon is in Pisces! Gala Darling is one of my favourite girl loves .. her post about this New Moon is filled with lunar loveliness HERE.

♡ The most beautiful home I saw this week is HERE.

♡ I love to get into the minds of successful people, to learn a little about how they think and go about their business. I found lots of inspiration HERE.

♡ Do you find that you crave more energy for the things that you want to achieve in life? I loved the tips for reclaiming your energy in this Tiny Buddha post HERE.

♡ The Buddha says that all of our suffering comes from attachment .. letting go of being tightly attached to things and people can help us to live a more beautiful and compassionate life! Zen Habits shared a few simple ways to start letting go HERE.

♡ It wouldn’t be a weekly gathering of joy without food! I am planning to try some of these one bowl recipes this weekend .. they all look amazing HERE.

♡ Pretty up your ‘puter with these beautiful free wallpapers HERE.

♡ In the news a lot lately is child abuse. It’s one of those topics I believe we need to talk about more, and bring out of the darkness into the light so that less childhoods are scarred. A huge part of this is the bravery of people like Chantelle telling their own stories HERE.

♡ Do you need a more powerful way to start your day? Rachel shared some morning affirmations that I am finding really helpful HERE.

Enjoy your weekend ..

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Creative People Taking Beautiful Photos of Flowers


Floral Photography, or Florography, is a beautiful thing. The detail, colour and depth to be found in flowers is infinite and there are some hugely creative people taking and sharing beautiful photos of flowers. It is such a lovely thing to stop every now and then to appreciate the people who are seeing things through fresh creative eyes. Lisa Sorgini, Ashley Woodson Bailey and Jess Flett from A Little Part of the World are all creating beautiful floral photos.

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Top 10 Tips and Tools for Joyful Travel Photos

Travel post KK Bali 2

Travel post KK Bali


“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” (Unknown)

Taking amazing photos while you travel really is the gift that keeps on giving! Capturing the moments that you know will give you joy time and time again is one of the best parts of wanderlusting!  It is such fun, and also the perfect way to take yourself instantly back to those magical travel memories that light you up between trips! If you’re not a professional photographer you can still create beautiful photos with these simple tips and tools!