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Weekly Gathering of Joy: Seriously Inspiring People!





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If you are in need of some new role models .. if you are craving a real story with a lot of heart and meaning, these seriously inspiring people will remind you that anything is possible in this crazy beautiful life! A role model to me is someone who is chasing their own dream relentlessly, whilst also changing the world around them in a hugely positive way. It is often the case that these role models are quietly humble, crazy passionate and driven by much more than financial gain. I honestly believe that the more you give, the more you receive .. and if you look closely at these types of people, it is precisely this that underpins their success in all area of life.

I recommend putting a little time aside on your own, with a notebook and pen to wander through and capture some of the amazing quotes and learnings that you will find in each of the stories behind these amazing humans:

Lisa Messenger: Lisa is an advocate for shaking things up in life, finding what really lights you up and creating a life that you love! The Collective magazine is by far my favourite source of inspiration, as are Lisa’s recent books and pretty much everything that she does!

Daniel and Justine Flynn: I am in awe of the world changing social enterprise that this husband and wife have built, the Thank You movement. I always buy their hand wash for the bathroom, and if I ever need bottled water it is always theirs that I choose to purchase. It is amazing knowing that your everyday purchases are making such a huge difference where it is most needed.

Sarah Rosberg: Sarah is one of the most humble, kind and giving person I have connected with online. Sarah works tirelessly to raise funds and awareness for the Kenyan safe house Rafiki Mwema. This remarkable place cares for young girls who have been sexually abused, it is a heartbreaking necessity.

Jill Conley: Jill is simply an extraordinary soul, who whilst living with advanced breast cancer is also supporting others through her charity Jill’s Wish. If you have not seen this video, do yourself a beautiful favour and it will change you for the better.

Jono Fisher: The Wake Up Project is all about mindful living, leadership and abundant kindness. Wake Up is a truly magical community started by Jono, and his kindness cards are famous globally! Grab yourself a set for free here.

Melissa Ambrosini: Melissa is one of my favourite humans, I am yet to meet her in person however I know that it will be just as beautiful as it is knowing her and being inspired by her online. The commitment that Melissa has to sharing her own healing, wellbeing and spiritual goodness is truly generous and selfless.

Lori Deschene: Lori created Tiny Buddha, one of the most popular self help blogs and now thriving online community changing many, many lives. Lori regards this space as sacred, and I have been lucky enough to guest post for Lori here, which was a highlight of my life!

Sacha Grierson: Sacha is a fellow single Mamma, who I discovered through the beautiful Grace Tales blog. Sacha and her daughter run a bakery called Eat My Words, which gives back abundantly to the HIV/AIDS cause. What an amazing role model!

Do you have any seriously inspiring people who you consider amazing role models?

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Weekly Gathering of Joy: Blog Posts




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I am gathering some of the loveliest blog posts that I have come across this week .. if you are spending your Friday night in then this collection will go perfectly with a glass of wine curled up on the couch! Enjoy, and please let me know if you have a favourite:

This dreamy white bedroom has some lovely little ideas for sprucing up your own bedroom this weekend .. I love the workspace within the room!

I met Shauna from Nubby Twiglet | We Are Branch when I attended the Blogcadamy last year, she is my design and style crush! This branding work of hers is absolute perfection!

Love love love this little collection of goodies curated by the always stylish Barbara from Patchwork Cactus, this book is one of my favourites too!

Finding other extraordinary humans like this one is just the best medicine and motivation in life!

I am trying a couple of these ‘self development’ apps this weekend .. GPS for the Soul sounds a little bit perfect for me!

It feels as though there has been a lot of loss lately .. This gently written post is filled with hope.

These NYC outdoor spaces are simply amazing! seriously #dreaming about these!

Breath has been taken .. these insanely beautiful photos!

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Weekly Gathering of Joy: Celebrities Making a Difference



It is no secret that I have zero interest in celebrity gossip, the amount of mindless garbage that is spewed into our lives by the tabloids and ‘trash’ magazines is surely contributing to the narcissistic and body hating young generation? The rates of eating disorders, obsessions with body image and the unrealistic comparisons are overwhelming! I am frightened for our girls and our boys, entering into this world where looks and fame seem to be the ultimate sign of success.

Thankfully there are a handful of celebrities using their fame to make a difference, rather than simply to benefit themselves .. yes I’m looking at you Kardashians. There is surely no excuse for someone whose fame allows them the greatest exposure and power to utilise at least some of that for good? In my eyes it is essential, and I only wish that more celebrities, influencers and high profile humans felt this way. Imagine the positive impact that this collective could have, rather than the overwhelming negatives?

So in the hopes of creating a little less celebrity trash, and a lot more celebrating inspiration .. I have gathered a few of my favourites, those who clearly care and who have done something extraordinary with their gifts and their privileges:

Angelina Jolie + Brad Pitt: I am in awe of the impact this family is having globally, Angelina does not rest in her mission to make a difference. They have their own charity, the Jolie-Pitt Foundation as well as giving many millions to causes such as poverty, orphaned children, HIV/AIDS, natural disasters and many more.

Lady Gaga: this amazing woman is passionate about empowering youth, positive body image, bullying and acceptance. Her charity Born this Way Foundation does some wonderful work supporting young people and creating a more brave and kind world.

Emma Watson: is such a graceful young woman, unlike some others she has chosen a path of maturity and dignity. Her recent work with Unifem has raised the profile of gender equality and she is clearly passionate about women’s issues.

Taylor Swift: is another example of a positive female role model, who has handled her fame with composure and authenticity. Taylor Swift is often named the most charitable celebrity and she supports a variety of causes including education, hunger and poverty and natural disaster relief.

Kristen Bell: is a very vocal and active advocate for animal rights and she has been a vegetarian since she was 11 years old. Her generosity is abundant and she also seems to be very supportive of many other causes.

David Arquette: was recently awarded a Noble Award for this amazing work with Feeding America, he is clearly passionate about doing what he can to alleviate homelessness and poverty.

Goldie Hawn: founded the Hawn Foundation to provide social and emotional learning programs aimed at increasing resilience in children. I have followed this journey for quite a few years and her programs are amazing.

Do you know of any other celebrities making such an amazing difference in the world?

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