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10 Things to Do Before the end of 2016


Before you get too excited about the brand new year looming .. there are a few lovely things you can do before the end of 2016. I adore this time of year, I am a true Christmas tragic and the simple joys of this season will always be close to my heart. This doesn’t mean that life is easy, far from it. The reality is that the new year is actually a most welcome fresh start and something I am deeply craving! The simple rituals that you can work into your end of year celebrations are such a lovely way to mark the end of 2016 and prepare to welcome 2017.

Doing what you love Life Lessons

10 Questions to Ask Yourself

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Every now and then I find this a really lovely practice .. to ask yourself a few deep and meaningfuls! I find so much direction in the responses that flow. Personally, I tend to journal or free write my responses as a first step, and then spend some time reading back over those words to shape some new goals, plan a little and dream about new possibilities. No pressure .. this is not a test! Just a bit of gentle reflection, exploring and dreaming.

Doing what you love Life Lessons

3 Books I Loved Lately

Books are my meditation, my calm and one of my greatest loves! I have always been a bit of a speed reader, not trained for speed, just naturally fast at devouring words. My preference is biography, self help, food for my brain and if I venture into fiction it needs to be intense! I love to cry, laugh (or both) into my pages of fiction. Lately there have been a few favourites in each of these categories. The weather is currently perfect in my part of the world for a lazy afternoon spent with a book and a sea breeze!