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Insider Guide: The Joys of the Central Coast: Part One

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It’s been 4 months since we said farewell to the Sydney Suburbs and made Ettalong Beach on the Central Coast of New South Wales home. Growing up in Terrigal looked a lot different to the Central Coast of 2017! I must confess that I did a weekend ‘review’ of the foodie scene before making the final decision to return to the Coast! It was such a relief to find so many new cafes and restaurants and lots of decent coffee. The Central Coast is finally a bit of a foodie playground with lots of joy to be found!

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10 Foods for Good Mental Health

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The foods that we choose for our bodies and minds can have a huge impact on the way that we feel. I am not a Health Professional, anything that I share about food is based on my own experience of living with anxiety and depression. Over the years I have found that certain foods make me feel less anxious. I have also found that some foods feed my brain in a good way and that others simply feed the depression.

It is important to remember that you are human, I don’t make the best choices every single day. I slip up occasionally and choose food based on my mood rather than what I know is best for my body. Ironically, choosing food based on mood is not always the best thing for the mood! For example, ice cream appeals to me when I am feeling a little down, and it provides temporary relief (and pleasure!) however I know that it is not ideal if eaten regularly.

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Weekly Gathering of Joy: Food Glorious Food

ABM spring roll salad






So much JOY .. not enough hours in the day or a large enough stomach to comfortably indulge in all of the glorious food that comes my way via the inter webs! It is hard not to love the abundance of creativity and beauty to be found in food! It’s the weekend so perfect timing to share some of these finds:

♡ How amazing does this spring roll salad look? I am such a huge fan of ‘deconstructing’ traditional meals and creating something less time consuming to prepare and even more drool worthy when spread out like this! I also love to deconstruct hamburgers in this way!

♡ This OTT banana pie has been on my radar for a while now, it looks quite intensive in the prep department and also not the healthiest of pies (is there such a thing though, a healthy pie?) however .. banana pie!! It will happen.

♡ I LOVE the look of these home made meatballs, lamb is my absolute favourite for this type of dish and there is something hugely rich and comforting but also quite delicate about this recipe.

♡ Avocado is one of my favourite foods, and luckily it is also an amazingly nutrient rich food! This list of ways to mix it up with avocado is great if you are like me to and eat them every day.

♡ Cake makes me happy .. it instantly conjures up feelings of childhood parties and gathering around to blow out candles and make wishes, cake is simply magical! Fleur at Our Urban Box has put together this amazing list of cakes to make for Mothers Day, or any other day you need a little baked magic.