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How to Move House Happily


It is often said that moving house is one of the most stressful life events. I am sure that most would agree with this popular and widely accepted statement. What if you decided against this though, and truly wanted to defy the odds? Is it possible to move happily, without all of the angst and negativity?

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Home is where the light is ..

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I spend quite a lot of time at home, I like it here. Sometimes I wonder if I will look back on my life and wish I had travelled more and spent less time on the daybed, I doubt it. This is the place where the afternoon light falls, where the fairy lights frame our favourite photos, and where I taught my little person to read, write his name, hug, and stay warm on cold nights. It is also the place where we take haven together from the things that have hurt us. It is where we have healed together, in the light.

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COLOUR inspiration


COLOUR is a type of therapy for me .. I need quite a lot of therapy in my days, a mix of medicinal and complementary is what works best for me and my own experience of anxiety, depression and post traumatic stress. It’s perfectly OK to explore, experiment and TALK ABOUT all of this with others, seriously. Its a dark and lonely topic at times, and the inter-webs can be a scary place, it can also be a beautiful, colourful wonderland, as you can see from these photos!