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How to Create a Joyful Workspace at Home


Do you have a space at home to call your own for creativity, work, blogging? It does not need to be a whole room, I certainly don’t have that luxury and nor do I really need it. It is possible to create your own space anywhere that you can fit a desk and a chair. It does not need to cost the earth either, and it can be as sleek and clean or as whimsical as your heart and soul desires, whatever works best for you and your inner creativity!

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How to Add More Colour at Home

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Colour can change the way you feel about the world, and the best place to start with adding some colour to your world is at home. It doesn’t need to cost the earth, and adding colour does not need a lot of space or your own home. I am a renter and all of these photos show some of the simple ways that I have added colour to our little apartment.

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5 Things to Love about Home

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Home is a really important place to us. It is where we create the most intimate family memories, the moments that are sometimes overlooked .. yet often become those that make up how you feel about the world. As a Mother, a friend, a daughter and someone who cares about kindness and giving, I was so excited to create a home movie party with Fox for my little man and his gorgeous school friends.

Some of my most treasured memories of childhood involve having friends over, exploring each other’s rooms and spending time in the very personal and sacred spaces of our homes. It has been such a beautiful (and emotional!) experience to hold the hand of my own child as he started school this year and made his own brand new friendships.