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Weekly Gathering of Joy: Interior Inspiration

A Beautiful Mess colour dining room home


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Colour and personality at home = JOY for me! My home is a bit eclectic in style, and I love to add a few meaningful little bits and pieces to my home wares collection every now and then. I am also a fan of the ‘less is more’ concept so I am quite selective and I also give things away to charity a lot as my way of balancing the universal flow!

It is amazing the amount of interior inspiration to be found here on the inter webs! If you are anything like me it is with constant and wide eyed wonder that I find myself pinning and gathering favourites. Over the past week I have seen a lot of beautiful rooms and also some new home wares that would make any space more joyful!

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A collection of beautiful small spaces + ideas for small living


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I adore small spaces .. those that are packed thoughtfully with meaningful and treasured possessions. It makes me a little sad to see so many vast, empty homes taking up precious space on our earth, for the sake of having space. It is often the case that these homes lack the warmth that comes with small living, the cosy and comforting touches that small spaces necessitate.

The closeness that comes with a small space is intimate and nurturing. Of course we all crave our own space at times, and this can be factored into a small space carefully too. There is a lot of small space inspiration to be found so I have gathered a few favourites and added some notes on ideas for small space living.

From the top:

Lovely chairs can be used for side tables or for stacking and storage and then when you have guests they can be added to the table or living area.

Shared bedrooms are so perfect for young children, they really don’t need their own spaces until they are approaching the teen years and this makes such a difference in a small space or when considering the number of bedrooms needed in a home.

Stacked storage boxes make a lovely bed side table, and utilising wall space above the bed for photos as an alternative to frames is space saving!

I love that this floating shelf has been built into the empty space below this window, perfectly placed above the bed.

Similar to the one above, the shelving in this beautiful little bedroom takes advantage of the available space.

The final three images are all such divine small outdoor spaces! Lighting can make a huge difference in this type of space and I also love that these spaces have been created to extend the indoor living outside.

Image credits from the top:

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Weekly Gathering of Joy



Gala Darling

oh joy

Slim Aarons


I stumble across so much JOY online, I really need to be sharing more of this for you. So this is the first of a new series called “Weekly Gathering of Joy” .. we all need more joy, the world needs more joy, especially here online where at times there is too much of the opposite.

From the top:

Janneke is one of my favourite photographers, and this shoot for local label Lilya reminded me that Summer is coming to an end this weekend. As much as I find joy in the ocean, balmy nights and salty hair .. I also adore the change in season and slightly less humidity!

This workspace featured on decor8 had me dreaming and rearranging this week! So much beautiful light, clean white and the perfect little pops of colour.

This bedroom .. in a Gala Darling post about making your rooms more magical. Stunning, especially the photos and the mix of natural and candle light.

60 ways to create and give joy .. in a book! So perfectly me, and now available for pre order with a gift here!

Slim Aarons prints are getting me all excited about a bit of a change to my living room walls .. I think this one is my favourite.

Where did you find your joy online this week? I would love to explore some of your favourite places too xx