Inspired By Series

Inspired By Series

Inspired by .. Catherine Hughes

Riley 1

As a Mamma, I’m not sure there is anything more inspiring than a fellow Mamma who has lost a child and gone on from that darkness to change the world. Even more inspiring is when this is done so humbly, generously and honestly. Catherine Hughes lost her precious little Riley (pictured) to a vaccine preventable disease, whooping cough. Catherine and her husband have made it their mission, and Riley’s legacy, to raise awareness about whooping cough and vaccine preventable disease. I hope that by sharing a little of their story we can all help them with this mission.

Inspired By Series

Inspired By .. Leigh Van Der Horst

Leigh 1

Leigh and I share one of those life events you wish you never had to share with anyone .. losing your Mother to cancer tends to connect women in a way that nothing else can. Leigh has been able to connect Mothers like us from all over the world, through her book ‘Without My Mum’. I have to confess that I am still working my way through it, there is so much similarity that at times I need to put it down. For me this is the measure of a book, how much emotion it can stir. Leigh has honestly, sensitively and so generously opened her own broken heart so that others can heal. I hope she realises just how many hearts she has helped healed ..