Inspired By Series

Inspired By Series

Inspired by Vanessa and Los Luna Home

Vanessa Wedding

Vanessa is the essence of effortless style .. and at the same time humility. I am lucky to have called her my friend for roughly 20 years now (yikes, feeling old much?) Since moving her family to Bali in 2012 she has embraced the lifestyle, the customs and the uniqueness of this magical island. Vanessa has also made lifelong friends and explored her creativity, which is only natural when immersed in the beauty of Bali! Her beautiful business is called Los Luna Home which was inspired by their life in Bali and the significance of the moon.

Inspired By Series

Inspired by .. Christine Rose Elle


Christine Rose Elle .. she had me at that name! Honestly, this was the first thing I noticed about this beautiful radiant soul. I then quickly discovered there was a lot more to love! Such a generous, wise and supportive personΒ who seems to just want the best for everyone around her, including all of the abandoned pets in LA! True story, and all a part of her lovely interview.