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Photographing Happiness on the iPhone

Photographing Happiness

(ABOVE: A farewell dumpling date in our old neighbourhood)

Influenced in the loveliest of ways by Rachel and her Photographing Happiness project, I have used my iPhone 6 with a little more intention over the past month. It has been during a time of emotional upheaval, packing to leave Sydney, Christmas and a new year all wrapped up in doubts and hopes! I tend to like a challenge, and finding the space within this busy period of time to stop and notice the moments turned out to be the perfect antidote to overwhelm.

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10 Things to Do Before the end of 2016


Before you get too excited about the brand new year looming .. there are a few lovely things you can do before the end of 2016. I adore this time of year, I am a true Christmas tragic and the simple joys of this season will always be close to my heart. This doesn’t mean that life is easy, far from it. The reality is that the new year is actually a most welcome fresh start and something I am deeply craving! The simple rituals that you can work into your end of year celebrations are such a lovely way to mark the end of 2016 and prepare to welcome 2017.

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5 Books that Changed my Life and Why


I have always been a book worm .. when the other kids at school were competing against each other outdoors I locked myself away in the library determined to beat my personal best in the MS Read-a-thon. Words were always my thing, numbers not poetic enough for me. The ability to lose yourself in words is one of life’s greatest joys don’t you think? Over the years I have gravitated to real stories, self help and selected fiction that stirs the emotions.

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