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21 Life Hacks for More Joy

Joy is possible .. Joy is our natural state. Life and the crazy world we inhabit tends to remove us from this natural state at times. Sometimes you need to gently intervene and take back what is rightfully yours! It’s not always about big change, or big goals or taking the plunge from your comfort zone .. I’m actually a bit over that one. Call them life hacks, or tactics or simply just ways to shake things up a little! I have tried and tested each of these, and hope that they may help to create some more joy inย your world.

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Elizabeth Gilbert’s Creativity Workshop


Are you a little like me and find yourself craving creativity and then not finding (or making) the time? Elizabeth Gilbert has been such a breath of fresh air when it comes to creativity .. inspiring a different way of looking at being an artist, a creative. You don’t have to be a painter, a writer or any variety of traditional artist to live a creative life. PHEW! No wonder I love this woman so much!

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COLOUR inspiration


COLOUR is a type of therapy for me .. I need quite a lot of therapy in my days, a mix of medicinal and complementary is what works best for me and my own experience of anxiety, depression and post traumatic stress. It’s perfectly OK to explore, experiment and TALK ABOUT all of this with others, seriously. Its a dark and lonely topic at times, and the inter-webs can be a scary place, it can also be a beautiful, colourful wonderland, as you can see from these photos!