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Kindness Quotes for December


The world needs more kindness. Our schools, neighbourhoods, workplaces, nations and each of our own hearts and homes can always do with some more kindness. I know I say this a lot! It is my hope that one day I won’t need to say it anymore, there will be kindness in abundance. Until then we each have a role to play in working towards that dream. Alexandria from the lovely FTD by Design blog recently contacted me to offer the art of joy community their kindness quotes so of course I gratefully accepted!

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21 Ways to be Kind at Work

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It’s likely that you spend quite a bit of your time in a workplace of some sort. It may the traditional office environment, it may be working from home, managing a team remotely, managing a household or any variation on the ‘office’. No matter the type of workplace, you have the power to make it a better place for everyone, yourself included! It is a well known fact that acts of kindness are some of the best types of therapy! It is also widely known that the energy you put out into a place or the wider world is the energy that you attract more of. So it makes sense to be a kind human at work!

Kindness Life Lessons Mental Health

Are you Kind Online?

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Do you think about every word that you share online? In much the same way that you choose your words carefully when speaking to your partner, children, boss, friends, shop assistants, waiters or others who come your way in real life (well at least I hope you do!), why are so many not choosing to be kind online? The rates of anxiety, depression and suicide seem to be spiralling out of control … most days I worry about my sensitive 7 year old entering the online world and being subjected to the very worst of human behaviour!