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I am here for you

I believe that this is one of the most powerful sentences. It really needs to be used more, don’t you think? It is not always about lots of words, giving advice or trying to fix someone or a situation. Sometimes it only takes these 5 words for compassion, acceptance and the beautiful offer of unconditional support. There are so many ways you can offer support to someone in a way that is open and honest. Keep this list somewhere handy.

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How to Hold Onto Your Zen in our Crazy World


Does it feel like things are especially crazy at the moment? It seems as though there is only an occasional glimpse of peace and calm out there before another tragedy strikes somewhere in the world. It can be really hard to switch off, hold onto your zen and find your happy place. I find it has become essential to protect yourself and your family, as well as use lots of kindness and compassion in creative ways.

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What to Say When Someone has Cancer + a Giveaway

poppies for cancer

It’s a tough topic, my favourite kind! What to say when someone has cancer .. the more we share ideas and shine light on his conversation the more people know how to support others well. It has taken me many years to find some peace after my own family’s experience with cancer, it was something that rocked us in the midst of another tragedy. It was all a bit of a blur at the time to be honest, being thrown into the role of carer in your teens is about as traumatic as life gets! Since then my levels of resilience and wisdom have soared, and this deep sense of ‘knowing’ has allowed me to go on and support others.