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The Truth about Single Parenting


I didn’t set out to become a single parent. The reality is that families form in many varieties these days, and slowly the old judgements are fading. Family to me has never been about the traditional. My parents separated when I was twelve in a fairly amicable way. This doesn’t mean that it was easy, it most definitely affected me deeply. Perhaps it even shaped me in ways that I have not been able to comprehend or accept fully yet.

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Life Lessons

The Joy of Keeping It Real

keeping it real

THE JOY OF KEEPING IT REAL: It’s OK if things are not OK. You don’t have to have your shit together, organised, tidy or perfect. In fact, there is no such thing as a perfect anything, and if someone appears to have their shit together all the time, I worry. If you let go of the concept of perfection and embrace the beauty of imperfection, you will be able to usher in more freedom and release a lot of the pressure that our modern world tends to impose. More freedom equals more joy.

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Life Lessons, Mental Health

5 Important Life Lessons



Life Lessons shared are some of the most beautiful ways we can connect as human beings, don’t you think? I have learned that sharing your own lessons can bring meaning into your darkest times too. If you can look back with a sense of reflection, and focus on the growth rather than the pain, the life lessons will become an essential part of your healing during life’s toughest times.

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