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Simple Slower Living

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It’s not easy. Embracing slower living goes against the fast moving tide of our modern world. My workplace in particular is as far from the slow living movement as you can imagine. Thankfully I adore my work in the charity sector and it only takes a few moments of mindfulness to focus on the impact it is having on the lives of others to centre myself. Some days it is harder than others though. It can creep up on you, the fast moving tide and the glorification of ‘busy’. Before you know it everything is vibrating with an unhealthy pace and you find yourself far from centre with that toxic energy you promised yourself you would avoid at all costs!

Life Lessons Mental Health

Life on Purpose in 2018

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The Lessons of 2017 and Life on Purpose in 2018:

As I began to consciously unravel my 2017 using Susannah Conway’s ‘Unravel Your Year Workbook’ it became clear that I had allowed 2017 to just happen to me, rather than with any intention. At first I switched into critical mode, berating myself for allowing an entire 365 days to just happen. I cried, slipped into a bit of a dark place and then became aware that I had also suppressed a whole lot of my feelings, things that need to be felt.

Life Lessons Mental Health

10 Things Before New Year

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The dreamy space between Christmas and the New Year can be anything you want it to be, for those of us lucky enough not to be working. If you are working, I hope that you also have some time to dream a little before 2018 arrives. I prefer a mix of reflection, planning and nothing. The nothing part is actually really important, letting go of the need to always be switched on and productive is hugely beneficial in many ways. Below are 10 things to do before the end of 2017, you may like to choose from the list or embrace them all.