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Simple Slower Living

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It’s not easy. Embracing slower living goes against the fast moving tide of our modern world. My workplace in particular is as far from the slow living movement as you can imagine. Thankfully I adore my work in the charity sector and it only takes a few moments of mindfulness to focus on the impact it is having on the lives of others to centre myself. Some days it is harder than others though. It can creep up on you, the fast moving tide and the glorification of ‘busy’. Before you know it everything is vibrating with an unhealthy pace and you find yourself far from centre with that toxic energy you promised yourself you would avoid at all costs!

Life Lessons Parenting

Best Friends and Underpants


Captain Underpants The First Epic Movie is all about friendship, imagination, laughter and creativity! As the school holidays and the festive season approach, all of these things have been on my mind. It can seem at times during the school year that our kids are in need of some good old fashioned silliness! There is so much to learn, the routine, pressure and expectation can be overwhelming some days. Perfectly timed with the holidays is the release of Captain Underpants on Blu-ray and DVD. Inspired by George and Harold’s friendship, and having devoured all of the books, my 8 year old reluctant reader has been captivated by this story.


Parenting Little and Big Boys


My boy recently turned 8. It was quite possibly the most emotional of his birthdays for me, and I have been wondering why ever since. It felt like a bigger milestone than the others, although 8 is not considered a traditional ‘coming of age’? The soft blonde hairs on the back of his neck, the strength in his legs and his will have all become more noticeable. At times his emotions still overwhelm him, and he still sucks his thumb a little at night or when super tired. Is he really a big boy now?