Life Lessons Parenting

Parenting Is …


Parenting Is … a loaded topic in this day and age (especially here on the interwebs)! Dare I go there? I go everywhere else so why not. Parenting is actually really hard for me. There, I am putting it out there. I am putting it out there bravely, openly and honestly, the same way I put everything out there! Parenting is at once my greatest joy and my greatest challenge. It is complex despite my yearnings for simplicity. It is a process of joy, grief, joy, grief, aha moment. There is so much to learn, about parenting itself, and about ourselves.

Life Lessons Parenting

Finding Joy on Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is loaded with expectation, and I think that the older and wiser you get the more it becomes about meaning and gratitude and less about the commercial side. The media would have us believe that only the pretty slim Mum with 2 beautiful little children married to the hunky thoughtful Dad is worthy of celebrating. I wish that the media chose to show the richness and the incredible imperfect reality and beauty of the Mums who are worthy of celebrating, the ones that you don’t see in the media.

Life Lessons Mental Health Parenting

Inspired by Natalie

single Mums Mother's Day

Being a single Mum at this time of year can be tough, especially when your own Mother is not around. The onslaught of Mother’s Day messaging can trigger so many emotions and bring grief back to slap you in the face. It can also be hard when your Mother is actually around but not in the traditional sense. Natalie is an amazing single Mum whose own Mother lives with mental illness. I asked Natalie to share some of her thoughts and experiences and she so generously and honestly gave such a powerful and intimate insight.