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Meaningful Questions to Ask Children

20 questions to ask your children

If you want to go a little deeper than “How was school?” (which I find gets the same one word response everyday!) these questions may help you open up a whole new world of more meaningful conversation with your little people. It’s all about giving them the chance to talk about what matters to them. Little humans generally don’t have the skills yet to initiate a deeper conversation so as their adult influencers we can get them started. It can be a lot of fun, and it can also allow them to access things that are lying deep just waiting to be shared!

Life Lessons Parenting

The Truth about Single Parenting


I didn’t set out to become a single parent. The reality is that families form in many varieties these days, and slowly the old judgements are fading. Family to me has never been about the traditional. My parents separated when I was twelve in a fairly amicable way. This doesn’t mean that it was easy, it most definitely affected me deeply. Perhaps it even shaped me in ways that I have not been able to comprehend or accept fully yet.

Mental Health Parenting

You are not alone


(I wrote this post with Bupa, for PND Awareness Week)

โ€œYou are not alone.โ€

โ€œI am here for you.โ€

Will you join me and close your eyes for a moment, after you read over those words a few times. Let them sink in and feel the power there, the sense of connection.

Imagine if every new or expectant Mamma, who was feeling alone, unsure or sad could hear these words. Imagine if they could somehow truly understand and believe that they were not alone, and how valued they are?