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COLOUR inspiration


COLOUR is a type of therapy for me .. I need quite a lot of therapy in my days, a mix of medicinal and complementary is what works best for me and my own experience of anxiety, depression and post traumatic stress. It’s perfectly OK to explore, experiment and TALK ABOUT all of this with others, seriously. Its a dark and lonely topic at times, and the inter-webs can be a scary place, it can also be a beautiful, colourful wonderland, as you can see from these photos!


What is your Style?

what is your style?

I am struggling to answer this question .. what is your style? In fact I have been struggling with this one for a couple of years, perhaps since becoming a Mother, approaching and embracing my 40s and realising that I have had quite a few different ‘styles’ over the years, and what is my real style? Is this something that can change, or is it in fact something within us that we discover and uncover as we grow and become our true selves?