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11 Tips to make your home more fun and less boring.

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My home is bright, a little eclectic and a lot warm and welcoming! If you want to make a few changes at home to create a little more fun and give you lots more joy then these are some of my tips for doing that:

♡ Forget the rules! This is definitely the most important one if you really want more fun. I really wanted a daybed instead of a couch, it is so much more comfortable, fits more people and doubles as a spare bed. If you follow the rules then you will always have a standard couch or sofa, facing your TV. If that blows your hair back then that is perfectly fine, if not, then choose something that really makes you happy.

♡ Mix it up! Forget about the need for “matchy matchy” and colour coordination, if you really want to shake things up and create a space that is more vibrant. Clearly I love colour so that is pretty much my theme, colours that lift my spirits and although there is certainly not a theme, the style could be classed as eclectic.

♡ Remember that is does not cost the earth to make some changes at home. Most of the big items pictured in our home are second hand or have an element of DIY. The daybed I researched and bid fiercely for on ebay, sanded back and then painted white. All of the other large pieces of furniture are also second hand and painted white by me!

♡ There is so much amazing wall art around these days! Some of my favourite places to explore and shop include Society 6, Blacklist, Peppa Hart and Ivy Invite.

♡ Buy fresh flowers, it’s an oldie but a goodie! There is nothing that compares, and if you head to a flower market you can save lots and find lovely fresh ideas.

♡ Keep an eye out in unlikely places for small ways to brighten your home. The Campbell’s soup tins pictured were a very unexpected find in the bargain bin at Woolworths whilst doing my grocery shop. Always check the grocery store for anything cute and quirky that can brighten your kitchen.

♡ Think outside the standard ways to brighten up your bedroom too, Cotton On Kids released an amazing line of bed linen last year and I have used a few of their pillow cases to brighten up my own room!

♡ Spaces such as balconies don’t have to be boring either! As you can see from the photo of our balcony sanctuary, this is a sacred space for us. The green carpet squares are super cheap from Ikea, the space is fairly covered so is ideal to turn into another room. I spend a lot of time working and blogging there, and also enjoying cups of tea, and champagne with loved ones.

♡ Chalkboard paint can be used for creating living art! I have painted our dining room table as you can see pictured, and everyone loves to share messages during meals, or leave each other notes.

♡ Party decorations, paper poms, banners and other items usually saved for birthdays and celebrations make wonderful and colourful everyday styling! They are also really affordable. Kmart has a new range of items in tropical theme you should check out!

♡ Hide nothing, savour and make the most of your favourite things. I have all of my magazines stacked in baskets for myself and visitors to access easily and frequently, the same for books and photos. Make sure that the things that make you YOU are always around for daily inspiration.


Simple Ways to be a Nicer Person :)

be nice


It seems like a fairly simple concept..being nice. Simple yet powerful in fact, often under estimated and over discussed though. It seems the message is not getting through to many, both in real life and online it still fills me with sadness.. and concern, the lack of manners and simple niceties. Of course there are times when the balance is restored, when someone does something so abundantly nice that it overshadows the not so nice in our world. I also believe that ultimately we have the power to fill our own lives with more ‘nice’. The things that we send out, radiate in all of our actions, these are the things that will come back to us.

So in the genuine interest of radiating more goodness, these are some of my tips for being a nicer person:

Shine the light on others: this one works especially well at work! Don’t take all of the credit all of the time! If you have a team, or colleagues who you want to uplift then nothing is more nice than complimenting them, making mention of their work in a positive way in front of others or bringing them in on recognition. It is such a simple and powerful way to practice modesty and lift those around you.

Remember your manners: it surprises me the lack of common courtesy some days! It really does make a big difference to remember our please and thank you and you’re welcome! It is especially important for us parents to model the manners that we want our little ones to take into their futures.

Be thoughtful: yes it takes a little bit of effort if this one does not come naturally to you. It can feel especially hard to be a thoughtful person if you are drowning in deadlines, meetings, family commitments and the intensity of daily life these days. For me it is about making a fuss of the people who matter, letting them know that they are appreciated on their birthdays, and also at other random times. It might be a text message, a note in the mail, a card slipped under their door or left at their desk..these reminders and thoughtful acts could be just what that person needs in that moment.

In the world of blogging it is especially important to be nice: our manners are not something to be left behind at the door when we enter the online world! I wish there was some sort of sign or alert that popped up every time someone sat down behind their screen, to remind us that even online we all have feelings. We do not know what is going on in the lives of those around us, how fragile, lonely, depressed or anxious someone might be feeling. It is always best to assume that everyone could do with more kindness in their lives, not less.

Spread your niceness everywhere: don’t just save it for the people closest to you, although of course that is where it needs to start, at home! Take a moment to think about how the waiter in that cafe feels, would a kind word or a little compliment simply make their day, the answer is probably yes! It is all too easy to take out our frustrations, our exhaustion and our anger on strangers yet with a little effort this can become an opportunity to connect and change lives. In fact it will most likely alleviate your own frustration, exhaustion and anger in the process too!


Its nice to be important,

but its more important to be nice! 

Image from Minted.




The thing about judging others..and how to stop.

how to find love

“Judging a person does not define who they are. It defines who you are.”

The thing about judging others is that it says more about you, than it does about them. This quote above was one of those A-HA moments when it first landed in my life via Facebook. It really started me thinking about the default state of judgement, if we stop and witness our thoughts for a few hours they are often filled with instant and fleeting judgements of others, and ourselves!

Since becoming a Mother a whole new world of judgement has opened up around me, and frankly it makes me sad. Parenting is already one of the most challenging roles we will ever be gifted. It is filled with such an intense mix of ups and downs, it is exhausting and at the same time filled with elation. We are hard enough on ourselves without also being subjected to parenting judgement from others, least of all strangers!

I always knew that I would be a Mother, and the type of Mother I would be. I also knew that I would never judge another Mother for the way that she chose to parent. It seems that I am in the minority on this stance.

There is nothing sacred as a parent, nothing out of bounds in terms of scrutiny. I found myself at the extreme end of the spectrum last weekend, with an irate pair of 4 year olds as I dragged them from a movie theatre mid session. After many attempts to politely ask them to cease with the crawling up and down the aisles amidst giggles and yelling I was left with no choice but to vacate the area. The amount of silent staring, disgusted looks and zero words of empathy from the packed theatre forced my hand. I had never felt so alone as a parent.

Prior to the monumental meltdown was the warm the cafe where I mistakenly thought that an innocent baby-cino together was risk free. During what I thought was a fairly average exchange of laughter, the words ‘bum’ and ‘poo’ and other 4 year old boy banter, we were being observed by a lone woman at the next table, and by observed I mean stared down! It became obvious that she came to the busy shopping centre to escape something in her own life, and we were interrupting her alone time. Of course I understand and support alone time, I am all about the importance of self care, especially after this past weekend! However, I draw the line at projecting our own inner state outwardly.

At times it can seem near impossible to escape constant judgement. It does take a lot of self awareness to turn our focus inwards and acknowledge that judging others can sometimes be an unconscious act. Trust me though, when I say that living a life free of judgement is a life of more freedom and more JOY. If we can release the need to form an opinion and come back to a natural state of acceptance, we will free ourselves and others of the awful impact of judgement. Here are some ideas on how to live a life without judgement:

♡ Make a list of the ways in which you judge others, think about how these judgements would feel for you. Do you judge others on what they are wearing, their profession, where they live?

♡ During your day, try to observe the judgements that you inflict on yourself, these are often followed by harsh criticism. Do you judge the lines on your face, the way your hair looks, your body imperfections, the food you prepare, that treat you enjoyed after a hard day?

♡ Remember that we are all doing the best we can, ourselves included. YOU are the best parent for your children, mistakes and all. YOU are trying your hardest and life is not easy, everyone slips up every now and then.

♡ Try smiling at a parent who you notice is having a challenging time, if someone had smiled at me or shared a kind word last weekend it would have made such a huge difference to my experience.

♡ Stop and think before you speak, it only takes a minute of mindfulness to prepare words that are coming from a place of love, acceptance and respect rather than purely from judgement.

I would love to know if you have had an experience like mine, or if you have been able to ease up on  judgement of yourself and others xx