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How to Make Time for Slower Living

slow down

It is so easy to get swept along in the rush of everyday life .. especially at this time of year as the festive season is approaching! Before you know it time is speeding by and you find yourself missing those simple moments of joy. It is sadly not possible to slow down time, it is possible to make more time for slower living though. I suspect you could do with a little more time for the people and the things that you truly cherish?

Life Lessons Mental Health Wellbeing

21 Things I Did that Changed My Life for the Better


In life, I believe you live and learn. At times I think it’s important to reflect on the things that have worked, and remember to do more of them or share them so that others might find some goodness! A crazy beautiful life is a series of events, filled with a mix of joy, pain, growth and learnings. It all comes at you so fast some days .. these are some of the things I have done that have changed my life for the better.