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How are you feeling about your 2015?

how are you feeling about 2015


It is that elusive half way point .. and I get a sense that many of you feel like it can’t possibly be July already? I know how easy it is to dwell on the passing of time, the things that you should be doing, could have done, wish you had time for. I find that reflection, honesty and celebration work a little better.

Do you need to reboot, have a little look at your goals or your word for the year? Now is the perfect time to do all of these things .. and to celebrate! Yes, it’s important to celebrate along the way, rather than saving it for the time when you think you have reached your goals, or the elusive ‘perfect time’.

Life Lessons Wellbeing

Do You Talk About Your Joys?

Talk about your joys


I came across this image a little earlier and shared it immediately to my friends on Facebook, and then it got me thinking. It actually started to feel a little bit hypocritical, as someone who ‘talks’ and writes a lot about my ‘problems’ am I in fact perpetuating this addiction?

The reality is that I am talking about my problems in a way that is ultimately bringing about more joy. If you are able to reflect on your problems in a way that is positive, forward thinking and aimed at extracting the lessons from said problems then you are in a better place than those amongst us who simply talk about their problems to fill a silence.

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10 Foods for Good Mental Health

happy foods


The foods that we choose for our bodies and minds can have a huge impact on the way that we feel. I am not a Health Professional, anything that I share about food is based on my own experience of living with anxiety and depression. Over the years I have found that certain foods make me feel less anxious. I have also found that some foods feed my brain in a good way and that others simply feed the depression.

It is important to remember that you are human, I don’t make the best choices every single day. I slip up occasionally and choose food based on my mood rather than what I know is best for my body. Ironically, choosing food based on mood is not always the best thing for the mood! For example, ice cream appeals to me when I am feeling a little down, and it provides temporary relief (and pleasure!) however I know that it is not ideal if eaten regularly.