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How to be More Organised and Create Space for More Joy



Life is busy, at times it is frantic and sometimes it is overwhelming. It is often the combination of these things that can lead to feeling stressed and anxious, and in turn missing out on the JOY in life as it all becomes a bit of a blur. If you can create some foundations that underpin the inevitable fact that life will get busy, and be as organised as possible, then this can help to prevent the sense of overwhelm.

Being organised does not come naturally to everyone, I understand and appreciate that you may not consider yourself an organised person. I must disclose that being organised does come naturally to me, it has been this way for as long as I can remember. In childhood I had my bedroom organised and everything labelled, in my teens I kept immaculate journals that documented the details of every day.

Life Lessons Mental Health Wellbeing

Reflections on the Weekend







I knew that it was going to be a weekend of reflection, powerful emotions and maybe even a whole lot of ugly tears! So I carefully planned our time around this. If you live with anxiety and depression, you most likely know your triggers .. the things, the occasions and the feelings that can alert you to take extra care of yourself.

Life Lessons Wellbeing

How to Handle all of the Bad News



It is simply overwhelming at times .. and it seems to come in waves. I know that our media and technology make it all so much more accessible, it is everywhere and there is no escaping the harsh realities of the world around us. At the moment I want to run far away from the intense sadness of Nepal, the executions in Indonesia, the growing number of women being killed by partners or strangers, planes going down, the horror acts of terror .. it is all too much. At the same time it can be strangely fascinating to delve into the details and explore our own emotions and reactions to such complex issues.

It is even worse for those of who blog, adore social media and work in the constantly connected world .. it is not possible to run far away unless we take a self imposed break from being connected! Finding a way to keep yourself at a safe emotional distance so that all of the bad news does not consume you is essential! It can be a delicate balance of also being a compassionate and actively caring human being, donating and volunteering where you can to make a difference. However you choose to be involved these tips for how to handle all of the bad news and take care of yourself and your family will hopefully help: