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Best Friends and Underpants


Captain Underpants The First Epic Movie is all about friendship, imagination, laughter and creativity! As the school holidays and the festive season approach, all of these things have been on my mind. It can seem at times during the school year that our kids are in need of some good old fashioned silliness! There is so much to learn, the routine, pressure and expectation can be overwhelming some days. Perfectly timed with the holidays is the release of Captain Underpants on Blu-ray and DVD. Inspired by George and Harold’s friendship, and having devoured all of the books, my 8 year old reluctant reader has been captivated by this story.

Watching a movie on a hot day or balmy school holidays night during Summer with your friends is a little bit of necessary childhood magic. Now that Captain Underpants can join you at home, having a Best Friends Day In to watch is perfect for the upcoming holidays! We tend to head to the beach in the morning before the sun gets too hot and then enjoy a movie matinee!

Our kids are exposed to a lot online these days, the abundance of content is both a good and bad thing. As parents, carers and anyone who influences our next generation we have such an important role to play in curating their content. A good movie shared with friends and family is a sneaky chance for us to influence the impressionable minds of our little humans!

Captain Underpants is funny, silly, clever and creative. The theme of friendship is so important and relevant to my Mr 8 and as he found his own happy in the time he spent reading all of the many books, I was so glad for the hidden messages about the power of friendship, growing up and having lots of fun along the way!

I asked Mr 8 about friendship and the things he thought were important between good friends and this is his list:

♡ Fun
♡ Laughter
♡ Being silly
♡ Practicing things you love together
♡ Farting together
♡ Playing
♡ Talking
♡ Being loyal

All of these wise insights go hand in hand with the Captain Underpants movie too. So I would highly recommend adding a Best Friends Day In to watch Captain Underpants to your list of plans for the Summer holidays! Enjoy!




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