Do you sometimes feel as though you need someone to guide you through certain parts of life?

I consider that my own experiences in this precious life have been a little extra-ordinary. I also trust and honour that they have shaped the person I am and they have equipped me with the unique ability to lead and guide others through their own lives .. and often their own times of darkness.

My career sits alongside all of these life experiences, in fact I consider them in complete synergy! It was during my greatest loss in the year 2000 that I chose to enter the charity world and I have never looked back. The achievements of my time in Fundraising, Marketing, Program Management, Social Media Management and Event Management have been incredibly life affirming.

As a qualified Beautiful You Life Coach, and someone who cares deeply about being of service … I am excited and humbled to offer the following services.

My coaching sessions will be offered on a very limited basis .. with a focus on the following areas of support:

♡ Finding Light after Darkness

♡ Thriving with Mental Illness

♡ Being the Best Single | Co- Parent

♡ Loving you Unconditionally

♡ Creating a Joyful Life

♡ Embracing your Career and Purpose

♡ Social Media for Good

It is my hope to hold many more hands, shine a lot more light and guide more beautiful souls beyond their own pain and pasts to lives filled with JOY.

Leave me a message here if you would like to receive more information about coaching ..

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  • Renee Bell

    I LOVE that you did this course and are now helping others explore joy xx

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