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Do You Talk About Your Joys?

Talk about your joys


I came across this image a little earlier and shared it immediately to my friends on Facebook, and then it got me thinking. It actually started to feel a little bit hypocritical, as someone who ‘talks’ and writes a lot about my ‘problems’ am I in fact perpetuating this addiction?

The reality is that I am talking about my problems in a way that is ultimately bringing about more joy. If you are able to reflect on your problems in a way that is positive, forward thinking and aimed at extracting the lessons from said problems then you are in a better place than those amongst us who simply talk about their problems to fill a silence.

I think this is where the difference lies. It has become a bit of a default silence stuffer .. collective moaning. It is so much easier to enlist someone in your shared problems by the water cooler than it is to launch into an upbeat celebration of your day. Sadly. Do you find yourself engaging in gossip, negativity and group complaining? I suspect we have all been there.

It takes a little bit of awareness and then some training, to break the addiction of collective moaning. I think that it is really important to remember that a world full of collective moaning becomes heavy with the weight of this addiction! It echoes and it can over shadow the collective joys!

Perhaps we could all head into the new week, or any moment, with the shared intention to talk more about our joys and less about our problems for the sake of our problems. It is always a good thing to share when you are struggling, to reach out when you are in a time of need and not to ignore your inner darkness. There is a difference between these healthy practices and the default communication style that involves repeated negativity and dragging others into this space.

If you can recognise the tendency of some humans to share in each others misery, and take a stand to share in each others joys then maybe we can create a collective uprising!

Compliment someone at work this week, and if someone compliments you don’t deflect the compliment with anything negative about yourself. If you find yourself in the company of someone who you now recognise as being addicted to talking about problems, take a few small steps to turn these conversation around and watch how beautiful this can be for them!

It is OK to be positive, you don’t need to be quiet or feel guiltily about being focused on the joys in life. I know that this is how it can feel at times, when the world is suffering and being a bit optimistic can make you feel guilty. Embrace the optimism, share it as much as you can and encourage others to talk more about the joys and less about the problems!

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  • Erin

    It’s funny you perceive yourself to be this way. Although you do talk about life’s problems, I find this space to be so joyous!


    • admin

      Thanks lovely Erin, that is really nice to hear, it is funny that we sometimes see things so subjectively and then someone changes our perspective xx

  • jenni from styling curvy

    Optimism breeds joy x

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