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Do your Acts of Kindness Matter?

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It can seem as though making a difference in any significant way is impossible sometimes. How can you possibly have an impact on the huge and overwhelming disasters, sadness and suffering in the world? If everyone simply shook their head and concluded that it was too hard though, there would be no ripples of kindness out there.

It is possible to make a difference, and yes most definitely your acts of kindness do matter! It is all about starting somewhere, not letting yourself get carried away with negative thoughts of not having an impact. If everyone spent a little more time focused on giving and a lot less time on taking, the ripple effects of kindness would be even greater!

I find it really helpful to think along these lines, inspired by the old saying “Charity starts at home” .. be a little more kind to your immediate family first. Take a deep breath before you simply react to your partner, your children, your flatmate or your parents. Do something kind at least once a day for your nearest and dearest, and I mean really think about this and consider it your foundation for a more kind existence, and the first ripple in your kindness impact.

The next step is to take this outside of the home. Every single day you need to look up, look around and have a positive impact on at least one stranger. It can be as simple as a genuine smile, an offer to help someone who needs a hand with their groceries or their pram or their anything! It can be as meaningful and energetic as you choose, order some Kindness Cards and take the time to scatter some kindness on your commute, in your local community or your workplace.

Kindness at home and in your immediate surroundings will become a regular part of your routine as soon as you realise how medicinal this is for you as well as the recipients of your kindness! It is simply the best feeling in the world and it is addictive! Imagine the ripple effects of each of your acts of kindness .. your partner will be happier at work, your children will be happier at school or in child care, the others who you touch with kindness will affect those around them positively too.

Beyond your immediate surroundings and loved ones comes the bigger picture, the world around us and the issues that affect us nationally and globally. Every dollar that you can contribute to a reputable charity will make a difference, never doubt that and never hold back if you are concerned about the amount. It is better to give something than nothing at all.

The power of social media and technology has made it even easier to connect with the causes that you care about, and to contribute from behind your screen. If you have more time, you should consider some volunteering. It is like donating on steroids! It takes your acts of kindness to a whole new level and it will change your life, I can guarantee that from personal experience!

Please know that you have the power to make a difference, you have the unique ability to add more kindness to a world that is always in need of a little more love. The ripples begin at home and they amplify outwards beyond anything you can measure. So go forth with your acts of kindness!

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  • erinmadethis

    Wow, great post. I love the look of those kindness cards, such a great idea.

    • admin

      Thank you Erin xx
      The cards are wonderful, free to order and so much fun!

  • Jenni from Styling Curvy

    They sure do matter. Giving and receiving go hand in hand and the more you give the more you want to because it feels so good. Service…big or small is vital x

    • admin

      Absolutely agree, as always, Jen xx
      Being of service is our responsibility as humans sharing this planet!

  • Sammie @ The Annoyed Thyroid

    You’re so right. We can all make a difference. It’s like that old adage “from little acorns, oak trees grow.” Size doesn’t matter but every act of kindness counts xx

    • admin

      So true Sammie, size does not matter when it comes to acts of kindness xx

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