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Elizabeth Gilbert’s Creativity Workshop


Are you a little like me and find yourself craving creativity and then not finding (or making) the time? Elizabeth Gilbert has been such a breath of fresh air when it comes to creativity .. inspiring a different way of looking at being an artist, a creative. You don’t have to be a painter, a writer or any variety of traditional artist to live a creative life. PHEW! No wonder I love this woman so much!

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Somewhere on my vast and varied travels around the inter-webs I discovered Udemy. It seems to be a bit of a hub for online courses, lots of bite sized affordable learnings! These words spoke to me .. “Global Learning Community for Social Change Makers” and Liz Gilbert has a class there, so of course I signed up. Her class is called Elizabeth Gilbert’s Creativity Workshop.

The class is short and succinct with lots of short videos and it then includes creating and sharing a series of Creativity Notebooks so I thought that this might be a good place to share some of that work. It may inspire you to think about your own creativity! I find it really insightful to see inside the creative process of others, I hope you find something in this.

Liz Gilbert talks about the ‘little tiny patches of sparkle or light’ inside your mind .. these are the things that you need to pay attention to and explore.

I love this so much! Below are some of the prompts from the notebooks within this course and my responses:

What was the last thing you really wondered about?

Am I really being the best Mamma I can be? How can I start my own charity, seriously this has been on my mind for ever, why is this taking so long to move from dreaming to action? Does the world really need another charity though?

What did you love to do most of all when you were 8 years old?

I loved making my own greeting cards, organising my bedroom, riding my bike and exploring our neighbourhood, pretending that our kitchen was a cafe and serving my parents and grandparents from my own little menus.

What are your super powers?

Kindness, the ability to bounce back and stay optimistic about life after the darkest of times, love again after heartbreak, walk away from things and people that I know are not meant for me, say no, help others.

What are you doing when you feel most beautiful?

Laughing from my belly and soul, sharing food with friends and family, holding my little man, sharing my most intimate and authentic life lessons.

What was the last passage from a book, piece of music or work of art that really inspired you?

“Shining our light is actually our most natural state. When we are connected to the inner light within us we are connected to the light of the Universe.

There is more than enough room for us all to expand and step into our bigness. We are all notes in the most amazing symphony. We were born to light up and expand together.”

These amazing words come from a book called LIGHT IS THE NEW BLACK by Rebecca Campbell.

I would love for you to pick one of these prompts and share your response in the comments .. (Liz Gilbert suggests that you should answer the prompts from the heart without too much thinking) xx

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  • Amie @

    Everything & anything Liz Gilbert-related is fantastic — I can’t wait to give her course a go (thanks!). Big Magic & her Magic Lessons podcast are so inspiring. Love the idea of the Creativity Notebooks!

    • admin

      Hi Amie,
      Hope you love the course, I have gained so much from it! xx

  • lolshelley

    Love this post Lisa! I signed up for Liz’s workshop (thanks for the heads up about it:-)) I have just been listening to her magic lesson podcasts and wow what words of wisdom. I also love how she didn’t charge for the podcasts. Sure, she is using it to promo Big Magic, but most die hard Liz fans have already bought it anyway and the podcasts are the icing on the cake. I have been lucky enough to hear her speak in Sydney 3 times now and each time come away with some new way of looking at things.

    I am writing my first novel so anything that helps unleash my creativity is welcome. It must have been the day for signing up for classes as a friend shared a link to author James Patterson’s masterclass and I signed up for that too!!! I think it’s time I locked my credit card away.

    On Saturday I attended several sessions at the Sydney Writer’s festival and one of them was called ‘A Room of One’s Own,’ obviously a nod to Virginia Woolf. Three authors, Debra Adelaide, Kirsten Tranter and Drusilla Modjeska all gave their insight into what Woolf meant.

    Drusilla spoke of how Woolf spoke of both a physical and a metaphorical room. She spoke of how it is important for all women to have a physical space to call their own, whether it be the luxury of a whole room or just a designated corner of one. She went on to say the metaphorical room was a place of ‘letting myself down into my mind, the space to think, create & explore.’ I love this whole idea of creating mental space to allow your creativite essence to bubble up to the surface. It kind of goes hand in hand with my mindfulness & meditation practice and how what I create flows so much more easily after I do it. Finally, she spoke of the ‘room’ you make on the page, allowing your voice to come out on the page, for the words to reflect your own unique voice. This of course applies to writing a book or a blog.

    Debra Adelaide spoke of ‘the use of private, enclosed spaces, locked spaces, are very important to the act of creativity.’ In this she was referencing locking herself in her study, trying to write, the kids banging on the door for food despite her husband being available to them. She said how we needed to carve out the time and the space for ourselves as women.

    Kirsten Tranter shared a beautiful concept that ‘when you open the cover of a book it is like opening a door to a room and you step into the story'<3 There could be no more intimate space than the one created between the reader and the writer. Just LOVE this idea.

    Sorry if I have twaffled on too much but I just wanted to share the idea that we as women need to give ourselves the mental and physical space needed to unleash our creativity. Whether that be for 5 minutes or 5 days, connecting with that space is so important.

    Oh and I agree Light is the New Black is a gift. Just beautiful.

    Have a wonderful day.


    • admin

      Shelley thank you so so much for sharing this!
      I love it all, especially these words:
      “I love this whole idea of creating mental space to allow your creativie essence to bubble up to the surface. It kind of goes hand in hand with my mindfulness & meditation practice and how what I create flows so much more easily after I do it.” xx

  • Sarahdipity

    Oh I love Elizabeth Gilbert, sounds look an awesome workshop! Love the prompts.

    • admin

      Thank you Sarah, it was a really great little course, so much content packed into such a compact timeframe with lots of worksheets to explore your own creativity xx

  • Sammie @ The Annoyed Thyroid

    Oh, I love this and I love your answers. I think my superpowers are kindness, resilience, big heartedness and persistence. And that quote from Rebecca Campbell is just ace!

    • admin

      I love your super powers! You have many more than these amazing examples too xx

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