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It is a well known fact that emptying your mind is a therapeutic practice, whether that be with a qualified mental health professional or one of many other less formal possible ways it is a practice worth cultivating. Of course there needs to be a degree of tact and grace involved if the emptying is done online. A well shared personal experience can change the world of another human being, as can a poorly over-shared personal experience, the latter not for the better.

Hopefully my sharing is always somewhat graceful, uplifting and also real. The more authentically I can reflect upon and share my own life lessons, the more that you my amazing readers can possibly relate and connect. The power of this online world to shrink our offline distances blows me away everyday, the potential to reach so many people and make a difference in a positive way is what drives me to nurture this space. I hope that my blog is a bit of a haven.

So in the hope that this will be mutually beneficial, I am about to Free my Mind. Also known as a brain dump, I encourage you to create a regular practice too. Feel free to brain dump here in the comments or over on my Facebook page.

♡ I have this thing, where I always need to read the book before I see the movie. So yesterday I grabbed a copy of Wild by Cheryl Strayed and in a few days time I will be ready to see the movie. I am a bit of a speed reader, I always won the MS Read-a-Thon at school.

♡ I think I have decided that 2014 was one of my least favourite years, ever. I am in the process of extracting the (many) powerful lessons though, what is the point of an awful, pain filled year if you’re not able to find the lessons?

♡ Since spending the day with Gabby Bernstein I have been motivated every single day to read her books again, and to fill my journal. It has been such a powerful and much needed experience, perfectly timed when you consider the last point about 2014. I had not written in my journal once during 2014.

♡ Yes I am an optimist, and I always manage to find the energy and the self love to do the work of forgiveness and rebuilding after a crappy year/experience/relationship. I am only human though, I have spent a lot of the last few months crying myself to sleep and longing for a different reality.

♡ Amongst the healing and rebuilding is the deep longing to help more people. I am asking myself this question over and over .. “How can I reach and serve more of the people who are isolated, sad, broken and most in need?”

♡ 3 more sleeps until my precious little man starts big school. We all know how I feel about that! It is a real mix of sadness, excitement, relief and loss. He is going to be amazing, and I am so proud of the amazing spirited person he is becoming.

♡ I am proud of myself, that is all.

♡ I hope that 2015 is a year of less hate in the world, less of the terrible tragedies that we as a world endured during 2014.

♡ I wrote this in my journal recently whilst working through the Gabby Bernstein “May Cause Miracles” book .. “I choose to turn my pain into my purpose to spread love and transformation.”

♡ Money is the least of my worries, despite some financial strain currently I have learned that the more we worry about money, the more we block abundance and the more angst we create around this area of life.

Thank you for allowing me to Free my Mind, thank you for taking the time to consume the contents of my brain! Dump away in the comments ..


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  • fleurh81

    I love brain dumping – getting it all out of your mind and onto paper is a great way to free your self. My eldest starts school on Thursday and I am feeling the same mix of emotions as you. I am so excited for him though x

  • erinmadethis

    So love reading your thoughts, Lisa. You’ve got such a lovely way of expressing yourself. x

    • admin

      Thank you Erin, that is so lovely of you, means so much to me to know that my sharing and expressing is received that way xx

  • Sammie @ The Annoyed Thyroid

    I love me a good brain dump – it’s just like Elsa said in Frozen – you just have to “Let it go.” I am so proud of you too, and I love the way you turn a negative into a positive, not only for yourself, but in a way that you can also help others. My brain is so busy, it’s like a messy underwear drawer. I need to get stuck in and get sorted!

    • admin

      Thank you for being proud of me too Sammie xx

  • Helga

    I am blaming Mercury retrograde!

  • Carly

    2014 for me was one amazing year. This year has seen me get tangled in a darkness. Not where I have been but I can feel it edging itself in.


    I love your positivity + I am proud of you too.

    ps. I do a brain dump every Saturday 😉 xx

    • admin

      Thank you lovely Carly, for always being so kind xx
      I hope that you know you are not alone in the occasional darkness xx

  • Helga

    My 2015 started with family drama – it’s a lesson I know I am supposed to learn even though it’s taking me a while. How to be in a relationship when you can’t agree on issues. How do you agree to disagree without taking it personally. Learn to love someone fully, even the bits you don’t really like.
    Once again bringing to me that I need to be the source of my own happiness, no other person is able to do that.

    • admin

      The hardest lesson in life, realising that nothing or nobody external of ourselves can provide happiness, it is an internal job xx

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