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How are you feeling about your 2015?

how are you feeling about 2015


It is that elusive half way point .. and I get a sense that many of you feel like it can’t possibly be July already? I know how easy it is to dwell on the passing of time, the things that you should be doing, could have done, wish you had time for. I find that reflection, honesty and celebration work a little better.

Do you need to reboot, have a little look at your goals or your word for the year? Now is the perfect time to do all of these things .. and to celebrate! Yes, it’s important to celebrate along the way, rather than saving it for the time when you think you have reached your goals, or the elusive ‘perfect time’.

Here are a few ideas for taking a look into your 2015 so far, and how you want the next 6 months to feel:

♡ What was your word for 2015?

It’s never too late to choose a word .. read about my process and my word(s) here.

♡ What was the one big goal you chose for yourself this year? 

Is this still the most important? If not, take some time to consider what is.

♡ How would you feel if you achieved this goal? 

Close your eyes and choose just two feelings, write these down. This is the heart and soul of your 2015.

♡ Who is truly supporting you?

Who is always cheering you on, lifting you up, no matter what.

♡ Who is holding you back?

Yes this is a hard one to contemplate, it really is essential though.

♡ What are you afraid of?

How is your fear holding you back, or stopping you from playing big? Is it fear of being seen, fear of failure?

♡ What can you do right now to move towards your goals?

Make a list of one small action that you can take each day for a week to move towards each of your goals, repeat this weekly.

♡ How will you celebrate the first half of your 2015?

It does not matter if you have not yet achieved what you had hoped, YOU are worth celebrating.

I would love to read any or all of your responses to these prompts, feel free to share in the comments.

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  • Jackie From Hippie Mumma

    My word was FLOW… This year has been all about learning to go with the flow of life… all the CHANGES (which was my oracle card for 2015). xx

    • admin

      Love this Jackie xx
      Such a beautiful word that you chose, and these words about the flow of life and change are perfect!

  • joleen

    The questions youve asked…..and the order they are in are impeccable. Theyve made me realize whats truly important (in my life) and what isnt working. The simple beauty. The feeling of being enough. I really love your blogs. Thanks!

    • admin

      Hi Joleen this fills me with happiness and gratitude, that you found this helpful and in such a profound way xx
      Thank you for the kind words!

    • admin

      Thank you for the beautiful words Joleen, it means the world to me that this reached you xx

  • Jenni from Styling Curvy

    It’s been a ‘FULL ON” year…so much learning, excitement, self doubt and self love. I’ve felt muddled the last couple of months but am feeling more like I have direction now. I’ve had loads of support and I think the only person holding me back was me! Feeling much more sane and focused now though 🙂

    • admin

      Love this Jen, love that you are feeling less muddled xx
      We do often hold ourselves back don’t we?

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