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How to be Nice

how to be nice

I feel as though this should not be necessary, pointing out some of the most basic ways to be nice. I’m not sure about you but I am finding more and more that people are either forgetting or simply don’t know how to be nice. It baffles me, saddens me and makes me mad. It’s really not that hard to be nice. (Warning: this post is slightly ranty / tinged with passion)

How to be Nice 101:

♡ Say please and thank you. At times my 5 year old has better manners than many adults. It does not get any more 101 than this, yet these words are often forgotten. It is especially important as a parent, carer or teacher that you lead by example and say please and thank you every single time it is required.

♡ If someone sends you an invitation to anything at all, even the smallest or most informal of gatherings, please just send a response, even better do it immediately. Over the past few years I have noticed a huge decline in this common courtesy. If someone has gone to the trouble of inviting you to something, chances are it would be helpful for them to know if you can make it or not.

♡ Do not use your phone while you are paying for something in a shop of any kind. Again this is on the rise, and it is the height of rudeness. Shop assistants are people too, it is not OK to be transacting with them and also having a loud obnoxious conversation on your phone that nobody else needs to hear.

♡ If you are a blogger or you are on Instagram sharing pics with the world .. if someone leaves you a nice comment, please pretty please reply to it. It is much like a conversation in real life, you would not simply ignore someone if they approached you and said something nice would you? If your following is so big that you cannot physically reply to all of the nice comments then it is time to get some help with that. It is making you look like a not so nice person.

♡ Please don’t judge anyone, ever. You never know what is going on in the lives of others, even those you think you know. It makes me so sad that so many people feel the need to judge others on their parenting, their fashion, their career, their social media, their Instagram filters, their selfies, their diet, their relationship status. Please just spend more time working on being the best version of you.

♡ Smile a little more, for no reason, at people you don’t know. I have a huge amount of respect for older people, my grandparents were some of the most important people in my world. I am finding lately that even the elderly are grumpy and angry. I always smile at the olds on my street and only a small percentage even bother to acknowledge me anymore, maybe they are just so disillusioned with all of the rudeness they have given up.

♡ Teach your children about gratitude, and showing thanks. If you have a party for your child and they are given gifts, teach them how to write or make a good old fashioned thank you card. Hand them out at school and lead by example. We did this recently, and my little man loved it. It does not happen enough in my opinion.

♡ Give more compliments. Make an effort to give at least 3 compliments each day, it is easy and it is so worth it. It could be as simple as complimenting someone at work, your partner, a stranger dressed fabulously, a stranger with fabulous hair, your kids for their kindness when you notice it.

♡ Be more courteous on the road. There are so many people taking out their anger on the road, more and more in my part of the world (Sydney!) I had a guy flashing his hazard lights at me (yes I was behind him) the other morning swearing and yelling about the school zone, which it wasn’t at that time anyways! He was just a big adult bully taking his pain out on other drivers, yuck!

♡ Treat everyone you meet as you hope to be treated. From the bus driver, to the CEO, the waitress and the call centre operator, we are all in this together and consistency is the key to niceness. Live it, breathe it, encourage it and be an example, please.



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  • Kristy Jamieson

    I Love this Lisa! Being nice brings such beautiful energy to all involved. Everyones on there little mission these days, our fast pace and technology buffer creates less connection to one another, or we simply are left at the end of someones built up crankiness. It seems like such a basic human principle of living together that is slowly being eroded 🙁 Bring on more ‘be nice’ awareness!! xx

    • admin

      Glad you love it, thank you for being such a beacon of NICE in the world xx

  • Helen

    I love this Lisa, well said and it’s a pet peeve of mine too. Being nice (and kind) is very underrated, makes you feel better as well as those around you and I try my best to portray this to the world. I love the three compliments a day and am going to put this one into practice! Sometimes I feel almost shy to say the nice things I think xx

    • admin

      Thank you Helen xx
      Have fun with your compliments, I used to feel a bit shy or silly about doing it too at first but it honestly gets easier and it is the best feeling to see how someone feels when you genuinely share a compliment, its such a simple but beautiful thing 🙂

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